March 20, 2019
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GOODENTERTAINMENT: Simple Tips to Have a Golf Swing Like The Professionals!

Aug 24, 2014 1


Simple Tips to Have a Golf Swing Like The Professionals!
by: Kathryne clements

People are always on the lookout for golf swing information to make their golf game better. Golf isn’t an simple sport to perfect. Those of us who adore the game know that the more information you’ve regarding the swing, course management, putting, etc. the more chance you possess of playing good. That is why we are going to seize golf tips from about anyone who’s willing to help out.

So what kind of golf swing tips can we offer up on this page? Space is limited, so we’ll try and focus only on those tips that are most asked for. First, if you do have a bad temper, you perhaps should not take up golf. We are just joking, really. Really, golf can be good for your own mental state. You may perhaps find that you may take out your frustration on the greens in helpful ways and perhaps you’ll be able to gain better control of that outburst!

Since most people have difficulties using setup, our first set of golf tips will take care of the setup. Position your body so the body is parallel with the target line.Your feet must be shoulder width apart.With short irons, set the ball in the center of your standpoint.Middle irons supposed to have the ball situated one ball toward the target side from center.For long irons and fairway woods, put the ball two ball lengths toward the target from center.Balance your weight on the balls of your feet.Bend your knees a little and keep the spine straight.Move your body from the hips and make it a smooth, fluent motion.

Maintain your eye on the ball until well after you finish your follow-through swing. If you don’t do this, you will have a tendency to stand up on the ball which will make you top the ball. Do this with all shots. Look at the back of the ball and don’t take your eyes off it until it’s natural to look and see where the ball has gone.

When putting, the most effective golf tips we can offer are:

See the path your ball will travel to ensure that it will go into the hole.

Read the green and take into account any dips that may cause your ball to alter its direction. Then you can balance together with your aim.

The putting swing is a smooth, pendulum-like action with no wrist break. You will swing utilizing your shoulders and should always keep your head down.

Be sure you put enough speed on the ball so you will actually make it to the hole. There is nothing worse than coming up short on a putt. These cause three putt disasters and can become very frustrating!

There are all varieties of golf swing tips out there to be found. Take any information you could discover and then test them out to find out if they work. You can never have too many tips if you really want to make your golf game far better.

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GOOD4YOU: Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Aug 24, 2014 0

By Connie Alsobrook

cannabis oil

Recently many states have legalize medical marijuana (MM), some individuals
are happy and other do not understand the benefits.

So far there are 21 states that have legalized MM, and 8 more states
are pending legislation to legalize.


1.Seizures Marijuana is defined as a muscle relaxant and has
“antispasmodic” ( a drug or an herb that suppresses muscle spasms)
effective treatment for seizures. Many Georgia residents that have
children with multiple daily seizures are moving to Colorado for
MM treatment.
2.Multiple Sclerosis Former talk show host Montel Williams made it
know to the world he use marijuana to treat his MS. It works to
stop the neurological effects and muscle spasms that accompany the
3.Alzheimer’s In 2006 The Scipps Institute, proved that the THC
that is found in marijuana works to prevent Alzheimer’s. They
discovered by blocking the deposits in the brain that cause the
4.Premenstrual Syndrome Medical Marijuana can be used to help
with cramps and discomfort that causes monthly PMS symptoms.
History shows marijuana and PMS go far back to Queen Victoria.
5. ADD and ADHD A study by USC showed marijuana is an excellent
alternative for Ritalin. MM also has no negative side effects
like prescribed pharmaceutical.

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GOOD DEALS: Birthday Freebies

Aug 24, 2014 0


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GOOD4YOU: 5 Healthy Ways To Get Over a Break-Up

Aug 24, 2014 0

 By Connie Alsobrook

Sharing their lives with each other1. Exercise. When you endorphins start pumping through cardio exercise
you stress levels are lowered. Running, bike ride, speed walking, are
all good cardio enhancers.

Sitting in the house not eating, crying to friends, or moving around
is not good for your body. Do the opposite of what you want to do and
you will immediate feel better.

2. Think Of All The Good Things You Have. The loss is anything is painful,
especially when it is someone you once loved and thought you would
spend the rest of you life with.

After the breakup you focus of the negative things instead of all the
positive things in your life, because somehow we feel rejected. We
all have great things in our life, think of those and be grateful. Each
day when you get up think of one thing you are grateful for, and say it
out loud.

3. Give Back. Charity work always feel good, when you are able to do
something for someone else. Once you see you have helped another person
you get that warm fuzzy feeling back. Believe it, helping others does
help you.

4. Eat Your Favorite Food. Just the mere thought of our favorite food
sometimes makes us feel better. There are “feel good” foods that could be
your favorite as well. Here are a few of those: Grapefruit,blueberries
lettuce, and cranberries So go ahead and indulge on whatever it is you love (do not over do it).

5. Candles. Try not to think of candles for only romance. Candles are
used for many purposes, including relaxation. Light a few scent candles,
for aroma therapy and feel the calmness come over you.

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GOODENTERTAINMENT: Play Writer “Godiva” Sandra Sweet

Aug 24, 2014 0

Sandra_standing_at_TBAALWhen acting and writing is your very life, you tend to bring your best attitude, skills, performance, gifts and talents to every project. Sandra Dee Sweet is such an individual. The Dallas, Texas native received training in a diverse number of theatrical disciplines and styles. With repertory theatre experience, she has sought diligently to obtain Broadway and off-Broadway, primetime television and daytime television roles across various genres.

Her hometown gave her a nod and increased her appetite for more exposure after her debut appearance in her stage play, “Godiva’s Debut.” The Dallas Morning News did a favorable review of this production. This led to encore requests throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex, where she continued to rack up rave reviews and critical acclaim.

The model, singer and writer credit her writing gifts as God-endowed. Like media mogul Tyler Perry, Sweet writes, directs and stars in all of her stage plays, either in leading or supporting roles. She sees her work with Kim Dawson’s Agency and acting coach Kathryn Hart as paying great dividends.

Other theater productions to her acting credit include, “Strictly Business,”
“My Way or No Way,” “Waiting on God,” and numerous others.

In addition, “Godiva’s Debut” is slated for a feature film production.

“Everyone has dreams and goals,” states Sweet. “I am just going for mine to the extreme.”

She pours herself into her community in various ways, including driving through the community handing out clothes, speaking to the homeless men and especially the women who need grooming.

Contact information for Sandra Sweet
PO. BOX 764954 DALLAS, TX. 75376


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GOOD4YOU: Try Classical Music

Aug 24, 2014 0

There are many positive effects of classical music and whether you want to become a professional musician or not, studying it can really help you live a better life. Benefits of listening and playing classical music have been known for a long time, but you don’t have to be rich anymore to study it. With easily available information on the internet, affordable music instruments and so many music teachers today who don’t charge much for lessons, most people can afford it. It also doesn’t matter how old you are because you are never too old to start and most classical musicians will tell you that.

Do you know that classical music can really make you smarter? That is not just some people’s opinion. With advancements in medical technology, it has been proven that an average classical musician uses both halves of the brain much more frequently then an average person. Classical musicians are trained to think fast and to do many different things at the same time without getting confused. That is the reason why a brain of a classical musician is much more active then a brain of an average person and it is also a reason why classical musicians are much less likely to ever get Alzheimer’s disease than the rest of population. Classical music can keep your mind sharp no matter how old you are and it wouldn’t be odd to find a ninety year old classical musician who has much better memory than an average twenty year old. Also, just like classical music can prevent Alzheimer’s disease it can help treat it too. Being able to think fast at an old age is something that you just can’t put a price to and it can help you live a much better life when you get old.

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TEENS: Top 3 Secrets To A Better Career.

Aug 20, 2014

Every student wants a good summer job. We agree. What’s better than cash in your pockets as you set off for vacation, head to the beach, or even, get ready to go back to school. Here are our top 3 helpful tips for teen who want to prepare now for a better career later:

#1 – Finish high school.
Nearly every job requires basic communication and math skills. Compared to workers at higher education levels, high school dropouts have more difficulty getting and keeping jobs. They also have lower earnings throughout their lives.

#2 – Consider continuing your education.
The more education you get, the higher your earnings are likely to be. On average, high school graduates earn more than high school dropouts. Those who receive postsecondary training earn more than high school dropouts and graduates. Moreover, workers who have bachelor’s or higher degrees usually earn more than those with less education.

#3 – Research career information.
A small investment of your time will help you make an informed career choice that could pay dividends throughout your life. There are hundreds of occupations, so choosing and planning a career is a lot more complex than it may appear. The ideal career for you might be something you’ve never heard of or thought about. The Occupational Outlook Handbook and other career publications are loaded with helpful information.

Adapted from Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Author Jon Sargent, Summer 1999.

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