March 23, 2019
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NFL To Announce Walter Payton Man of the Year During Super Bowl XLIX

Jan 30, 2015 0

Admit the glitz and pageantry of Super Bowl XLIX, we, at the GoodNewsNotebook, would like to recognize the many charitable efforts of top NFL players.  These gentlemen, not only lead on the field of play, but they also lead the league in the game of life.

The Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award is the only league award that recognizes a player’s off-the-field community service as well as his playing excellence. The NFL Man of the Year Award is named for the legendary Chicago Bears running back, Walter Payton, who died in 1999.

walter_paytonThe 2015 Finalists are Anquan Boldin of the San Francisco 49ers, Thomas Davis of the Carolina Panthers and Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers. Based on the selected by a distinguished Board which includes Connie Payton, the widow of the late Walter Payton AKA “Sweetness,” the finalists were chosen from among the 32 team nominees for the award, all of whom receive a $5,000 donation from the NFL Foundation and Nationwide to the charity of their choice. The winner will receive a $50,000 donation in his name to a charity of his choice from the NFL Foundation and Nationwide. The two additional finalists will receive $10,000 donations in their names from the NFL Foundation and Nationwide.

According to their website, Connie Payton states, “My husband started his foundation, The Walter Payton Foundation, in the hope of providing for the in-need and neglected children within the State of Illinois who found themselves part of the DCFS program. So that we, his family, could continue on with the integrity and dignity of the Payton name in caring for these children, we needed to create; the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation. Walter made the Payton name mean something special and we, his family, accept the challenge to make only good things happen in the Payton name.”

The Walter & Connie Payton Foundation is about helping abused, neglected & underprivileged children in the State of Illinois. We strive to help boost these children’s self-esteem and give them a reason to believe that tomorrow can be different….. That tomorrow can be better!

In addition to programs already in motion, the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation continue to dream. New programs are being initiated to provide children and Veterans with the tools and the opportunities to live their lives with dignity and pride! The task ahead of us is a great challenge.



“Children have always brought a tremendous amount of joy to me and I feel that if you can catch them at a young age you can really change a life. There are a lot of studies that show that one act of kindness to these children has a 40% chance of making that child have a completely different outcome in their life. What you hope is that you can get a kid to believe in something and to believe in themselves.”

// Walter Payton #34 //

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Google Fiber Expansion Does A World of Good

Jan 28, 2015 0

For all of our technology enthusiasts, we, at The Good News Notebook, have some exciting news. Google is rolling out its hyper-fast Internet services in the four southeastern cities. Construction in Atlanta and the three other cities named Tuesday will begin in a few months, according to Google.

Can we say, “Yahoo!” Well, that’s a poor choice of words, but considering that Google Fiber is more than 100 times faster that cable and DSL providers like AT&T, Charter, xFinity, and other, you see why our digital staff is elated.

So, why is faster internet speed good? First of all, according to Google Fiber’s website, “A better network enhances opportunities to connect with the things we love.” In addition, you get 100 times more speed at only $70 per month; a rate that is clearly affordable for low income families and businesses on the go. Clearly, Google Fiber is Good News as the firm seeks to expand to over 34 cities in 9 metro areas across the U.S.

For students and schools, this addition of Google Fiber to the newly formed, “one-to-one technology” initiative is a game changer. Now, high definition video broadcasts and even, internet based standardized testing methods can be readily implemented with the concerns for bandwidth or speed.


However, we, at the, love the story of Nick LeGrand. Watch this touching video of how GoogleFiber allowed little Nick achieve a BIG DREAM.

Just like any other 13-year-old baseball fan, Nick had dreams of one day making it to the majors. Being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder put that dream on hold—until, that is, Nick’s family, the baseball community and Google Fiber teamed up and used the power of web to make his dream a reality. With the help of the web, Nick was able to throw out the first pitch at A’s/Yankee’s game at the Oakland Coliseum in California from the Google Fiber Space in Kansas City—more than 1800 miles away.

After months of a worldwide search, Nick found a bone marrow donor. But there are thousands of people like Nick who still need a match. For more information on how to be a match, visit:

The announcement marks the latest salvo in a growing battle between Google and more traditional Internet providers for the next generation of Web users. It also comes on the heels of President Obama’s call to promote broadband in cities that are unserved or underserved by large commercial providers. Google Fiber already sells Internet service with download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second — roughly 100 times faster than the national average — for $70 a month in other cities, such as Provo, Utah.

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9 Year Old Motivation Speaker Exemplifies Good News

Jan 26, 2015 1

SamGreen-HeadshotRecently, the (GNN) heard of a 9-year old biblical prodigy who is really preaching the Good News.  His name is Samuel Green.  In our interview with young Samuel, we were even more impressed with his achievements.  Here’s why.

On July 6, 2005 in Jackson, Mississippi God blessed the world with Mr. Samuel M. Green. He is 9 years old and handsome son to Louis & Joann Green. Samuel spends time with his older brother Cedric that he loves dearly. Samuel is an active member at Berean Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Jackson, MS which is led by Pastor James Owens.

Samuel is in the 5th grader at College Drive Seventh-Day Adventist Christian School in Pearl, MS. At an early age, Samuel has shown his love and passion for God. Often, you will find him reading his favorite bible story, singing his favorite song, or just lending a helping hand.

We, at GNN, were also excited to learn the Samuel host his on television show, “Samuel Green presents the Simple Truth.” The TV show airs each Sunday on cable channel 18 in Jackson, MS. The show has had great audience appeal and is professional filmed by Phyllis Robinson Productions.

Samuel presents God’s words with clarity and understanding.  Clearly, age is a number with God as he simply tells you, “what thus says the Lord.”  His messages are powerful bible stories that tell how our Lord has our back.  A principle that many young Christian students can understand and hold on to as they face the challenges of school, peer pressure, and even, family life.

Since 2011 Samuel has preached God’s word in over 200 churches in areas, Jackson, Ms, Alabama, Louisiana, and West Frankfurt, Illinois Atlanta, GA   Samuel recently received 2 invitation to Preach in Africa.

In October of 2011. Samuel and his parents traveled to West Frankfort, IL where he delivered his sermon about “Jonah” for divine service that was broadcasted worldwide on 3ABN’s “Kid’s sharing” ministering to millions. Recently in March of 2012, Samuel was featured on Jackson, Mississippi’s NBC affiliate WLBT 3 weekly segment “Look around Mississippi and Fox 40 morning show twice. Fox 6 Birmingham, Al. His most recent appearance was on CCN show entitled “Faces of Faith, He has been featured on NBC Today’s show and was interview by Kathy Lee Gilford and Hoda Kotb.

You can also view Samuel’s messages and even, request a media appearance on his website at

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ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott Dies At Age 49

Jan 4, 2015 0

After a long battle with cancer, The GoodNews Notebook extends its sympathy to the family of Stuart Scott, veteran ESPN Anchor. Stuart Scott, affectionately known as “Stu,” who passed away this Sunday morning at the age of 49. This vibrant TV personality that coined the term, BOO-YOW, stole our hearts in last year’s ESPY Award as he stated, “When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”

We, at GNN, would like to capture the elements of his GoodLife that propelled him to success both on and off the set. We remember Stuart Scott as…

The African-American. ESPN knew enough to have sportscasters who represented 45 million Americans, not to mention 80 percent of the players in the NBA and 70 percent of those in the NFL. What we didn’t know, until Stuart got here, was how important it was to have someone who could relate to them.

“He was a trailblazer,” says ESPN anchor Stan Verrett, “not only because he was black — obviously black — but because of his style, his demeanor, his presentation. He did not shy away from the fact that he was a black man, and that allowed the rest of us who came along to just be ourselves.”

“Yes, he brought hip-hop into the conversation,” says Harris, “but I would go further than that. He brought in the barber shop, the church, R&B, soul music. Soul, period.”

Some of his best moments on the air came when he adopted the persona of a preacher: “Can I get a witness from the congregation?!” And one of his best moments off the air came when a producer suggested he change a reference on his NBA show from Omega Psi Phi, the fraternity of Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal, to something more universal, like Animal House.

“I have friends who have no idea what that movie is about,” Stuart told him. “That movie was made two decades ago, and black fraternities have been around since 1906.”

The Poet. “Listen to his lead-ins,” says Buccigross. “They’re thoughtful and precise, really well-constructed lead-ins to a news story or big game or moment.”

Yes, he would reference Tupac, but he also would quote Shakespeare: “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

And occasionally, he would bust out his own poetry, as he did for this jam on Michael Jordan’s 50th birthday on Feb. 17, 2013:

the best ever … a CLEVER phrase we OVERuse …
when mere greatness becomes our MUSE …
or artistic inspiration … but the real celebration
of “best ever” is an ENDEAVOR
into MORE than GREAT! WAIT …
didn’t you see the tongue wagging …shorts baggy …
practically DRAGGING teammates to 1-nc2a … 2-gold …
brotha I was sold when he won 6-NBA rings …
but the THING that makes “best ever” SING …
not scoring titles and-MVPs,
the double nickel that sliced the knicks at their knees …
the 63 he put on Bird … Larry Legend sayin’ PLEASE …
is that GOD?

The Father. “His girls mean everything to him,” says Harris. “I mean his girls mean everything to him. He would easily take Stuart Scott, dad, over Stuart Scott, ‘SportsCenter’ anchor.”

“He’s a great, great dad,” says Ramsey. “He just takes so much pride in the girls, and you can’t see him without him taking out his phone and showing you a video of Taelor or Sydni singing or dancing or playing soccer.”

Occasionally, Stuart would give a shout-out to Sydni’s soccer team, but that was easy compared to another commitment he made to his daughters. “His daughters and my daughters danced at the same studio,” says Anderson. “One year we went to their performance of ‘The Nutcracker.’ And here comes Uncle Drosselmeyer, and I thought, ‘That man looks a lot like Stuart Scott,’ and it was — he was there for his girls. I’ll never forget him coming out in this big cape, swooping in with his nutcracker, and he was great. I’m not sure the dance steps were up to Baryshnikov, but certainly the intentions were.”

Again, we honor the GoodLife and legacy of Stuart Scott. He inspired his colleagues with his sheer talent, his work ethic and his devotion to his daughters, Taelor, 19, and Sydni, 15.

Rest In Peace. Boo-Yow!


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One More One Less

Jan 2, 2015 0

The One More One Less (O.M.O.L.) mentoring program was started and founded by Ron Beazer.  This non-profit mentoring program, in Baltimore City, serves those in the surrounding areas.  The mission of the O.M.O.L program is to provide mentors who can train young boys on both individual and group levels to achieve positive growth in the young men.  After working in the public schools of Baltimore City for 18 years, Ron Beazer noted that there were few positive role models for young men.  This lack of positive influence led to many young men turning to drugs, bullying, and gang violence.  Overall, the negative impact on the boy’s academic performance in school resulted in an increase level of  high school drop outs.  These factors gave Beazer the idea of starting an organization that will change the lives of these young men, O.M.O.L.

O.M.O.L. is currently training young men aged between 8 and 18 years. There are many youths who are undergoing a lot of challenges in this community, and are in desperate need of guidance from mentors.  The mentoring group attends sessions twice a month on Saturdays to discuss issues including bullying, respect for others, how to solve conflicts, and self respect are addressed.  The young men tackle lessons on being healthy, maintaining a positive self image, obtaining a good education, and setting up achievable short term and long term goals.  The mentoring group has the opportunity to interact and learn from guest speakers who are always invited to the sessions.

Guest speaker share their real life stories, give advice, encourage vision, and create goals.  In addition, the young men are given a chance to attend civic and community activities which educates them on the richness of their heritage and learn about their community’s history.  All this exposure ensures the young men develop a sense of self-pride and respect and assist with making good decisions when it comes to life experiences. Community involvement keeps them aware of the importance of giving back hence; learn how to manage their lives in a positive way.

O.M.O.L. reaches out to other people who are not registered in the program through a radio broadcast called “The One More One Less Radio Show”. The show airs on Radio One Network every Sunday evening at 6pm and aims at educating those who are not in the program. The radio network reaches over 20,000 listeners each week and also streams live on the internet at The O.M.O.L. Radio Show addresses the challenges that young men face each day, and give information to empower listeners. The show has individual sponsors and generous mentors who cover the costs incurred by the One More One Less Mentoring program which includes uniforms, trips, transport costs, supplies, sports equipment and many other costs incurred as a result of this good cause. O.M.O.L. also gets support from generous community partners.

O.M.O.L. does not benefit from running the One More One Less Mentoring program since it is a volunteering program. It only aims at changing the mindset and thinking of young men. Everything received goes back to the program to continue to help change the lives of young men for the better.

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The Million Dollar Realtor

Nov 9, 2014 0

About Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett is a multi- million dollar real estate club holder, which means that she’s sold about $4 million dollars of real estate and has been recognized in the premium class of real estate agents by the Atlanta Board of Realtors. While she already holds a real estate license in Georgia, she’s studying for her license to sell in California. She said she has a network and family in California. Furthermore, she works with a well-known real estate company that has a presence in 54 different countries and which specializes in luxury homes. She wants to be sure she can serve clients very well, no matter where they want their property. She is looking for connections globally and has found that many of the people she meets in the higher echelons have property in different states. She commented,“I think that you have to be more versatile in business. You can’t limit yourself.”

Her Empowerment Workshops

Bennett said she meditates to concentrate and awaken her spiritual awareness, and that as a result she has developed a keen sense of discernment. She used to have a nail salon, which she expanded to offer meditation classes. The workshop facilitator said women gravitated to her, and she counseled and gave them awareness. She said she has seen women give their power away or shrink themselves so they don’t intimidate men. She believes in giving them tools to strengthen themselves and boost their self-esteem, set goals and be accountable to meet them. She explained that Dr. Barbara King asked her to facilitate a women’s summit, and then to put together church programs. “It led into me doing empowerment groups.” She said her topics included relationships, dating, handling one’s professional life and setting goals of various types.

She commented that the most popular are her relationship workshops for women.”I think, for the most part, that’s where women struggle the most and then it trickles over into their professional lives and they lose themselves in their relationships; which stifles their growth elsewhere.” She said she teaches women how to set boundaries in relationships with men, how not to just go along to get along. She touches upon how to be respectful to other women, as well.

Her observation has given her some insight. “In society men have a brotherhood, we’re supposed to have a sisterhood.” She said most women tear each other down because of self-esteem issues. “We are to uplift each other – everyone’s goals are attainable.

She mentioned that many women come to the workshops looking for answers, hungry for empowerment. She reported that participants share that having someone come in and give them perspective and help them navigate life uplifts their viewpoint and reference point. As she explains it, some women are ready to receive new knowledge and embrace it upon delivery, and then some grasp the teachings later. She said she strives to communicate hard truths with grace and love, rather than with an attacking stance. “But you’ve also gotta be truthful.”

One teaching point she shares is how a positive focus is a game-changer. “When you change your own energy, all energy around you will shift.”

Bennett added one hidden gem in giving herself away during the empowerment workshops.“I also found that empowering people empowers yourself.”

Giving Back To Her Community

She is also a 5-year board member at St. Jude’s Recovery Center (which mainly focuses on assisting alcohol/drug users). She said she has always been aware of community problems, and her mom made certain her children had open eyes to such issues. She had a beautiful cousin who was taken out by drugs, and the problem hit home. Regarding giving her time to this cause, she explained, “It just felt right.” This is one cause that she was passionate about, partly because she found that they work on several fronts to save families. The organization has been around for 40+ years and have a great track record and success rate, with aftercare services that help people integrate back into society.

Trip That Changed Everything

Bennett also has traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in order to learn their real estate selling techniques. She commented, “That was an awesome trip.” She said her goal was to explore the real estate market in Dubai and connect with some local real estate people, developers, etc. “I always wanted to go to Dubai to do business.” She described it as a place where people are known to think on the cutting edge.“Their mindset is very elevated. They see that certain lifestyles are possible for them.“

She described the people in Dubai as forward thinking risk-takers. She said the cultural norm is to discover what someone does over time, in the course of the conversation. “You don’t start off asking them what they do.”

Her trip was fruitful by all accounts. While there she met a local sheik who had a real estate/construction business and a demographics research information company that provides people with demographic real estate information and Visas. She saw some of his real estate listings and his developments during the trip.

“You can’t be in that country and not have a job.” She said people have two weeks after a job loss to find a job, or they have to leave that country. While they have laws that are rather strictly enforced, she said she didn’t have an awkward experience there. She also commented that she found men there very respectful. Recounting her own personal experience, she stated, “I felt no danger.”

She mentioned that she has met people from all over the world.

COMING SOON: Author Lisa Bennett

Bennett is working on her first book, which is dedicated to educating buyers who are purchasing real estate. She said it will detail what to look for and what to look out for in the marketplace. She said the yet untitled book will share buying/selling property experiences, and touch upon market transition. It will be a step-by-step guide outlining how to understand when buying or purchasing or selling.
Bennet predicted that it will be finished in early January or February of 2015.

“I am a workaholic. It’s kind of hard to turn work off.” She said she unwinds by traveling to spas to enjoy the luxury side of life, playing and hanging out with her two Yorkies and getting together with girlfriends. She described herself as a foodie who likes to stake out new restaurants. She said she finds that prayer and meditation takes a lot of her time each day.

Tips For Real Estate Newbies

1st – for someone wanting to get into real estate, you have to take the class, which prepares you to take the test. She said this will familiarize the student with the laws, how to govern oneself in real estate and what one can and can not do in the industry.

She cautioned that knowing how to sell a home is a whole different ball game from the coursework.

2nd – do due diligence. Find out movers and shakers in the industry and interview them.

3rd – get a mentor and shadow someone.

“You have to find out how to do this in the real world. You really want to learn your market, and about marketing. You want to stay abreast of everything you need to know about the industry. The more you know, the more successful you can become.”

“With real estate, you have to understand architectural design.” She said it’s important to familiarize oneself with architecture, fixtures, textures (such as for counter tops).

“You really need to know your craft. People can tell if you are knowledgeable about what you are talking about.”

“With real estate, you want to get with someone that you trust.” She said it needs to be someone who cares and to whom you are not just a commission.

Connecting with Lisa

She works under the umbrella of Atlanta Fine Homes Sothebys, an international realty company.

Direct line: 404- 941- 1550

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International REALTY
3290 Northside Parkway NW Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30327

404-941-1550 Office
404-941-1551 eFax

Multi-Mililon Dollar Sales Club Member, Atlanta Board of REALTORS

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The Top 10 Happiest Jobs

Oct 1, 2014 0

By Connie Alsobrook

If you are unhappy at your current job and are looking to switch
careers, here a few choices. That is unless you are already in these

These are the top 10 happiest jobs in 2014 according to Career Bliss.
1. Database administrator
2. Quality-assurance engineer
3. Executive recruiter
4. Underwriter
5. Executive assistant
6. Software developer
7. Designer
8. Program manager
9. Engineer
10. Administrative assistant

Here are some great companies to work for, they offer employees unlimited vacation days:

Virgin Group
Motley Fool

Career Apps

Career & Coaching

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Pick a career target to reveal knowledge and skill gaps between your target and your current job. And see what job opportunities exist for the career you’ve chosen.
How does this work
The careers and the career characteristics in this app are based on version 16.0 of the Occupational Information Network (O*NET) database. The interest quiz is based on questions and interest classifications in the O*NET Interest Profiler. O*NET is developed under the sponsorship of the US Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration (USDOL/ETA) through a grant to the North Carolina Employment Security Commission. This app uses the information publicly provided by these organizations but is not endorsed by them in any way.


Career Test Cover art

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GA Officer Receives Life-Saving Kidney from a Stranger

Sep 29, 2014 0

By Katie Leslie

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

A Georgia police officer who through the power of social media received a kidney from a stranger is recovering at Emory University Hospital.

Doctors say that both Raleigh Callaway and Texas donor Chris Carroll are doing “incredibly well” following the life-saving organ transplant operation.

“I have always believed in God, and this just shows you that he is always working and is there, that he’s going to make a way for you,” Callaway, a Greensboro officer, said Sunday.

Carroll, who was discharged from Emory on Saturday, learned about Callaway’s plight in July after Kristi Callaway and her friend Brandy Angel turned to social media for help.

In the post, Callaway stood with his wife and their two young daughters who held a sign that read: “Our Daddy needs a kidney!” By that time, Callaway was in late stages of renal failure following complications of Type 2 Diabetes and high blood pressure.

Carroll, a health care consultant and grandfather from McKinney, Texas, said he saw the post and suddenly felt compelled to give.

“I’ve donated blood for most of my life, but I never considered giving a kidney,” said Carroll, who was discharged Saturday. “But when I saw this story I felt God calling me to do it.”

He was among hundreds who contacted Emory wanting to help. The Callaways’ original Facebook post resulted in more than 900 people contacting the hospital, said Dr. Nicole Turgeon, who performed the operations last week.

Turgeon credited the power of social media for not just saving Callaway’s life, but potentially many more. Of the hundreds who contacted Emory, more than 125 people are still being considered for transplant surgeries to other patients.

“The use of social media for these types of pleas really highlights the American spirit and shows how giving people are,” she said. “…If we can help not just Raleigh, but several others, that’s pretty amazing.”

Turgeon said without a transplant, Callaway would soon have needed dialysis treatments. That, she said, would have added complications to a potential transplant operation.

Both men are thriving following the operation, she said. Callaway is expected to be discharged from the hospital as soon as Monday.

Kristi Callaway said the incredible number of respondents prompted her and Angel to launch a nonprofit highlighting the stories of others who need a kidney donation. Her hope is that by personalizing their need through their website,, more people will be compelled to give.

She said the experience has strengthened her belief in others.

“I’ve have always tried to see the best in people, but there are certain things that go on every day that you can’t ignore. Sometimes you do start wondering: ‘Why can’t people be more loving and more considerate and more kind?’” she said. “This just shows me they can. They just need a reason. They need an outlet and something that speaks to them.”

Carroll said that to his surprise, he never doubted his decision.

“I believe God can change your heart and he put it on my heart to do this. I felt as strongly about getting this done as if it had been for my own dad,” he said.

Carroll and his wife, Veronica, said they felt an instant connection with the Callaways when they met earlier this month.

“We feel as blessed or more than Raleigh’s family through this, with all the outpouring of love from people,” Carroll said. “We feel that if you follow God’s plans, you never know what kind of blessings you will get.”

Courtesy of Atlanta Journal Constitution



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It’s Pumpkin Season!

Sep 26, 2014 0

By Connie Alsobrook

Fun Recipes, Craving Tips, Pumpkin Picking, and Pumpkin Apps

Top 10 Pumpkin Craving Tips  Check Them Out

Pumpkin Cookies Start Cooking

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Roast Them

Pumpkin Turkey Chili Stay Warm

Pumpkin Pie Angel Food Cake Bake It

Pumpkin Bread Smell It

Pumpkin Picking Find a Place Near You

Pumpkin Apps

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Pumpkin is the symbol of Halloween season. Let’s get ready to carve the pumpkins by gathering up some of your favorite patterns. You can get a hundred ideas & patterns of pumpkin carving from this application.

Pumpkin Muffins Cooking DOWNLOAD NOW
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Pumpkin muffins are made with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, brown sugar and pumpkin puree. A combination of brown sugar and granulated sugar in the recipe creates a crunchy topping that contrasts with the moist, tender muffins. Pumpkin Muffin has a lot of nutritional value and tastes great. These spicy pumpkin muffins are good for a quick breakfast or to include in bag lunches. Serve these moist and flavorful muffins hot, with butter if you like, for breakfast or a snack. Learn how to make pumpkin muffins by following this easy recipe.


Pumpkins, like other squash, are native to North America. Pumpkins are widely grown for commercial use, and are used both in food and recreation. Pumpkin pie, for instance, is a traditional part of Thanksgiving meals in the United States, although commercially canned pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie fillings are usually made from different kinds of winter squash than the pumpkins frequently carved as jack o’lanterns for decoration around Halloween.
Source Wikipia

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Have Fun Traveling Alone

Sep 19, 2014 0

By Connie Alsobrook



Looking back on all the trips you have taken, how many trips have you taken alone? When I say alone I mean without family or friends on purpose. You may say “I cannot go by myself, it will be boring”.  Do you understand you are calling yourself boring? If you cannot have fun with yourself, how do you expect others to enjoy you?
Taking a trip with yourself allows you to meet other people and find out what you and only you enjoy.  Explore and find out things about yourself that you never knew existed; this can be good or not so good. However, the great thing is you get to discover you and have fun doing so.

Here are a few examples:
1. Go wherever “You” want to go.
2. Wake up when “You” choose.
3. Eat when and what “You” desire.

Go ahead, take that trip so you can find and enjoy yourself.

Traveling Apps

We believe that you should have an unforgettable experience on your trips. That’s why we have designed the most user-friendly app to plan your trip in seconds. More than 800,000 people have already traveled with TouristEye taking all the information, user tips and maps on their mobile phones without Internet.

Organize your travel plans in one place with TripIt® from Concur. Simply forward your travel confirmation emails to and TripIt automatically creates a detailed daily itinerary for every trip.

Translator Speak & Translate DOWNLOAD NOW
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Convert every world currency with the XE Currency App – Free Edition. It offers live proprietary currency rates and charts, and even stores the last updated rates so it works when the Internet doesn’t. This easy-to-use currency calculator has received over 20 million downloads, making it the most popular foreign exchange app on the market. It has been featured by the BBC, the LA Times, CNN, and The Travel Channel!

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School Is Back In, Time For Mommy!!

Sep 15, 2014 0

school_bus_School Is Back In, Time For Mommy!!

Back to school is such a hectic time!
It is a new beginning for children with new classmates, classes, teachers and for some new schools. We get our kids ready for school we wear ourselves out trying to make the process smooth for them.

Parents should have a back school break?  We should breath a little better after a fun kid filled summer break and after the back to school rush.
We always make sure our kids have everything. Let’s share some ideas on “Time For Mommy” since school is back in.

Here are a few ideas below.

Kids Have Homework Time Every Night.  Moms  should consider some sort of reading, or self-enrichment time each day.

Our kids have great school and after school snacks, we like to eat too. Invest in some good yet healthy snacks for yourself!!
Sometimes we do want that candy or other junk food but it’s ok to indulge every now and then.

Our kids get new school clothes.
Buy yourself a new or even two outfits.

We buy our kids tons of new school supplies.
Do you need new office supplies or something small for the kitchen, bathroom etc.? If so buy yourself those supplies / things?

Play Dates
We book play dates and outing for our little ones
Book yourself a few play dates or get together with your friends.

Our children are now meeting new friends and building relationships at the beginning of the school year. Moms we should take notes and do the same thing, meet a few new moms at your child’s school or do some business networking.

Now is the time for our older children to talk on the phone about school, homework etc. As moms we rarely get to catch up with friends on the phone. Take some time to make a few phone calls to your friends. We too like to share good news, vent, laugh and just talk.

About Teresa Wright-Johnson: Teresa is the owner of MommyCare She is a small business coach, parent trainer, and a guru nanny / childcare provider.

School Apps

The School A to Z app is an essential tool for every parent of school-aged children. Produced by the NSW Department of Education and Communities, the School A to Z app brings together a wealth of resources to help parents to understand and support their child’s homework. See for more useful student and parent resources.

School Helper DOWNLOAD NOW
School Helper is an extremly useful app, which provides everything that a student needs to keep his school life organized. No matter if you want to insert your timetable for looking it up, calculating your average in a subject or just write down a little note to a topic, with School Helper it’s easy as never before.

Teresa Johnson
Your Parent Trainer/ Advocate, Business & Mommy Coach
Balance, Parenting, Work At Home / Small Business Expert
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Honoring Sept. 11th… Never Forget

Sep 11, 2014 0

As we reflect on this historic date, let’s also choose to restore our faith in those who keep our Nation safe.  There is no better way to honor the memory of 09-11-01 than to honor the men and women who serve this country.  Make a commitment on this auspicious date to serve our Veterans of each of the Armed Services in a new & innovative way.

Whether they served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coastal Guard, or National Guard, our safety and protection depends on a special set of women and men have proven their willingness to give their lives for the citizens of the United States of America.  Now, it’s our turn.

Here are few ideas to serve our Veterans as we commemorate 09-11-01:

1.  Simple… Say “Thank You for Your Service.”  If you notice an Active Duty Soldier or an experienced Verteran, then nothing warms their hearts more than this simple 5 word statement.  Try it.  Let our Editor at GNN know what you discovered.  You will be amazed!

2.  Give…  Find a non-profit or charity (aka Veteran Support Service organization) who supports a specific cause.  Whether it is Wounded Warriors (, AMVETS (, or little known VSO’s like Hearts for Veterans LLC in Atlanta, Georgia.

3.  Volunteer… Each of these VSO’s have events throughout the event, not just on Sept. 11th.  Perhaps, Commit to volunteer your time to Veterans Empowerment Organization by clicking this link (



Amid the disaster, we need to NEVER FORGET that there were miracles and GoodNews that occurred as well.   Let’s take the story of the last World Trade Center survivor, Genelle Guzman-MacMillian.  Genelle tell her story in her new book, Angel in the Rubble: The Miraculous Rescue of 9/11’s Last Survivor.  The Port Authority employee and author, says that it is the ordeal of reliving how two hijacked planes 10 years ago sent the World Trade Center crumbling, burying her co-workers and herself beneath piles of rubble. As Guzman-McMillan lay buried alive for nearly 30 hours, the screams she heard in the darkness around her soon faded away. She was alone, she thought, and could think of only one thing to do – cry out to God.


Consider review the Veteran Service Organization (VSO) Directory in detail for additional opportunities.  In this official publication by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (, you will find VSO’s and connect with their missions that will affect you beyond 9/11 to the ones who serves us so well… OUR ACTIVE DUTY SOLDIERS AND OUR VETERANS!

DOWNLOAD IT NOW:  The Directory of Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s)

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Great Reasons To Keep Driving That Older Car

Sep 10, 2014 2

By Connie Alsobrook

old burnt car

Driving an older car gives the perception of not having any money to
purchase a new car. Why else would you be driving an car over 10 years
old. There are tons of reasons to drive your vintage car until, as they
“until the wheels fall off”.

Some individuals hold on to their older model cars for sentimental purposes. Automobiles are sometimes  passed down to another family member and even gifted in a will.  When this happens it makes giving up your vehicle very difficult because of all the precious memories that were experienced in that particular car.

While most of us love our old cars, and bragging rights as to who has the most miles, sometimes we do have to let go. Weigh your options and make the best decision for you and your family, not because someone else thinks you look better in a new car.

Here are a few things to consider……………………..

SAVINGS If you have had your car for more than 10 years, chances are you do not
have a car payment. Car payments minimum are about 250.00 per month, so
let say you have not made a vehicle payment for the last 5 years. You
would have saved at least 15,000. Throwing money into a new car just for the sake of having a newer model is not always the best decision. Again with a new car comes extra expenses, the up keep along is pricey.

INSURANCE The longer you have your automobile the less you pay for car insurance, and taxes. In some states if you keep your vehicle over 20 years it
is considered to be an antique and you are eligible for a tag that represents that.

MAINTENANCE When you have been driving your car for a number of years
you become very familiar with it and know immediately when there is a
problem. Parts for an older cars can be easily found at savage/junk yards.
Regular mechanic shops can service your vehicle, they are not required to visit a dealer, which will charge you twice as much for repairs.

RELIABILITY/SAFETY This is the most important thing when considering keeping your car.

  • Is your car unreliable in it’s old age?
  • Has your car left you stranded?
  • Is it unpredictable? Are there major
  • issues that need to be repaired that you cannot afford?
  • Are you locks still working?
  • Do your seat beats function properly?
  • Is it polluting the environment?

Here is a list of estimates for common replaced car parts to give you an idea of car payment vs repairs.

Spark Plugs $4.00 – $30.00
Alternator $120.00 – 300.00
Fuel Pump $179.00 -$226.00
Water pump $80.00 – $600.00
Clutch $15.00- $500.00
Starter $150.00 – $450.00



iFixit:Repair Maunel DOWNLOAD NOW

Auto Repair Estimates DOWNLOAD NOW

My Car Maintenance DOWNLOAD NOW

Be advised that if you are spending too much money each month to repair your automobile you may want to consider purchasing another vehicle.



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R.I.P. Joan Rivers Charities & Foundations She Supported

Sep 4, 2014 0
By Connie Alsobrook
Joan Rivers, born Joan Alexandra Rosenberg on June 8, 1933.  Rivers was best know for her stand up comedy,  she was also an outstanding actress, producer, writer, television host and a comedic fashion critic.
In February 1983 Rivers became the first female comedian to perform at Carnegie Hall.  Rivers became a first again in 1986,  being the first woman to have her own talk show with a major network.
Another beautiful thing about Rivers was she never fell short on giving back, here is a list of charities and foundations she supported throughout her life.
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How to Attract Positive People

Sep 3, 2014 0

 By Connie Alsobrook

happy people 1.Smile. When you smile you are projecting positive energy, thus getting back what you put out.
2.Give. Giving brings on a warm and caring spirit that others feel.
3.Compliments.Everyone like to receive these, you give one and watch the smile on their face.
4.Gratitude. Say thank you as much as possible.
5.Positive. Places. Library, ice cream shop, gardens, bird watching, and charity events.
6.Love. Love freely




Positive Apps

Positive Affirmations DOWNLOAD NOW
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“I can handle whatever comes”
“I enjoy life to the fullest”
“I live in the moment while learning from the past and preparing for the future ”

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What the world needs is less negativity and more positivity. So bring positive vibes with you wherever you go with the Positive Quotes app by Cimaxapp! Pick-me-uppers, cheer-me-uppers, and words of wisdom from some of the world’s smartest, most famous, and most successful people — as well as well-loved fictional characters — are all packed into one neat, handy package that you can carry in your bag or tuck in your pocket.

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GOOD4YOU: Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Aug 24, 2014 0

By Connie Alsobrook

cannabis oil

Recently many states have legalize medical marijuana (MM), some individuals
are happy and other do not understand the benefits.

So far there are 21 states that have legalized MM, and 8 more states
are pending legislation to legalize.


1.Seizures Marijuana is defined as a muscle relaxant and has
“antispasmodic” ( a drug or an herb that suppresses muscle spasms)
effective treatment for seizures. Many Georgia residents that have
children with multiple daily seizures are moving to Colorado for
MM treatment.
2.Multiple Sclerosis Former talk show host Montel Williams made it
know to the world he use marijuana to treat his MS. It works to
stop the neurological effects and muscle spasms that accompany the
3.Alzheimer’s In 2006 The Scipps Institute, proved that the THC
that is found in marijuana works to prevent Alzheimer’s. They
discovered by blocking the deposits in the brain that cause the
4.Premenstrual Syndrome Medical Marijuana can be used to help
with cramps and discomfort that causes monthly PMS symptoms.
History shows marijuana and PMS go far back to Queen Victoria.
5. ADD and ADHD A study by USC showed marijuana is an excellent
alternative for Ritalin. MM also has no negative side effects
like prescribed pharmaceutical.

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GOOD4YOU: Try Classical Music

Aug 24, 2014 0

There are many positive effects of classical music and whether you want to become a professional musician or not, studying it can really help you live a better life. Benefits of listening and playing classical music have been known for a long time, but you don’t have to be rich anymore to study it. With easily available information on the internet, affordable music instruments and so many music teachers today who don’t charge much for lessons, most people can afford it. It also doesn’t matter how old you are because you are never too old to start and most classical musicians will tell you that.

Do you know that classical music can really make you smarter? That is not just some people’s opinion. With advancements in medical technology, it has been proven that an average classical musician uses both halves of the brain much more frequently then an average person. Classical musicians are trained to think fast and to do many different things at the same time without getting confused. That is the reason why a brain of a classical musician is much more active then a brain of an average person and it is also a reason why classical musicians are much less likely to ever get Alzheimer’s disease than the rest of population. Classical music can keep your mind sharp no matter how old you are and it wouldn’t be odd to find a ninety year old classical musician who has much better memory than an average twenty year old. Also, just like classical music can prevent Alzheimer’s disease it can help treat it too. Being able to think fast at an old age is something that you just can’t put a price to and it can help you live a much better life when you get old.

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GOODPEOPLE: Teen Debates Features In The News

Jul 19, 2013 0

Teens and their ideas were in the spotlight when teens, tweens and adults gathered together July 27 to let their voices be heard at the Good News Teen Debate at the Boys and Girls Club in Conyers. Panelists such as Janice Morris, Christila Milner, Donald Ferguson and Josie Dean posed questions and listened while the teens said what was on their minds.

Conyers resident Connie Alsobrook initiated the teen debate in 2008. She wanted a place for the teens to feel comfortable. “Kids don’t have a place to speak their voice; typically they are told to hush at school,” she said. “Many teens have told me they don’t have a place to talk without being judged and they just want to express themselves.” Alsobrook is the founder of the Good News Note Book online magazine.

When asked what made them come to the debate, 16-year-old Michael Anderson said he came because, “It’s a chance for me to express myself.” Treh Williams said the debates, “help you with deciding how to change your life, to get to where you are going.” Katerah Hendree described the debate as “an eye opening experience.”

Williams conveyed his concern for lack of managing money while Donnie Thomas, 17, expressed a desire to be a rapper and go to college to major in psychology. Thirteen-year-olds Hendree and Breauna Harling spoke about a visit they took to the Rockdale County jail and what they learned from the trip. “I saw a lady who was pregnant and actually had three babies while she was in prison. I thought it was sad because the babies have to go to foster care,” said Harling. Idelis Forte, also 13, stood up and said she was thankful for her mother after visiting the jail. Each of the students had different concerns but they all had a chance for their voices to be heard at the debate.

The Good News Note Book donates school supplies, clothes and food and is currently seeking sponsors and guest speakers for the debates. For more information visit


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