February 23, 2019
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Floyd Grant Awarded Akademia R&B/Soul Best Song of the Year

May 24, 2016

This songster, songwriter Actor & Award Winner for Akademia song of the year 2016 , is far from the average. Delivering songs of depth and insight with a powerful voice that demands attention and giving a new twist in the music, Floyd Grant born out of Atlanta, Ga, Has been singing and acting since the age of five and had the desire to sing & acting professionally at the age of thirteen. Growing up his style of singing was influenced by artist like: Stevie Wonder, Peabo Bryson, Kim Burrell & Issac Caree.

floyd winner

He has performed in several venues with many Bands around the nations and currently working his debut album. Grant recently made his TV appearance on R&B Divas Atlanta Season 3 Episode 4. Grant Also Performed at The Bronner Bros FEB 2015 Hair Show for 3 days on Nu Expressions Theater Stage.  Grant wants nothing else but to fulfill his purpose and live out his dream through music & acting. His plan is to become the next positive male role model and make marks that touch the world.

Smooth and sensuous. Floyd Grant’s ‘Got My Eye On You’ will have you fall in love all over again as you groove to the light, hypnotic drums and progressing seductive bass. A simple 4 note rhythm of high piano strings accompanies the rich melody as he sings to the hearts longing for love and relation. He doesn’t lie when he says he “can take you to a place you never been and never wanna come back.” Listening to his ‘smooth’ vocals will surely make anyone want to rekindle an old flame or begin a new one. As the ATLS Hottest Male Vocalist Winner of 2015 – 2016, Floyd Grant has truly shown he is here to stay as one of the greatest R&B and Pop entertainers we have today. His versatile flow is exceptional in the fact that it is unparalleled with the identical harmonies of everyday. With a style of his own he is sure to be an influential artist of the new era of R&B and Pop.

Favorite Quote
You are a product of what you think… choose wisely!!! 🙂

ATLS Hottest Male Vocalist Winner 2015/2016
R&B & POP Entertainer


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Rapper 2 Chainz “It’s Important To Give Back When You’ve Got It”

Dec 16, 2015

Famous rapper “2 Chainz” made the holidays of a disabled veteran very good and fun filled.

Single mother Deirdre Plater who resides in Palmetto, Georgia, hasn’t been able to find a job for the past year, which has made it difficult for her to make ends meet. The rapper who is a native College Park, Georgia, learned of her situation and decided to pay her a visit Saturday. 2 Chainz did not come empty handed, he bought new furniture for Plater’s apartment and  and also offered to offset her rent for the year.

“Last week was my son’s birthday and his mentor sister brought us something to eat for Thanksgiving while dropping off money for some groceries and she noticed that we didn’t have any furniture in the house,” Plater explained. “I guess that sparked my son’s mentor Mark Barnes to do something special for us and when he got the call from 2 Chainz about helping a family it all fell into place.”

2 Chainz used the proceeds for the “Dabbing Santa” sweaters he is selling online to help pay for the furniture and  Plater’s rent . ” 1 Life 1 Love” 2 Chainz is a quote from from the  online shop for his Christmas sweaters.

2 Chainz posted on Instagram about the importance of giving back, remembering that he grew up poor.

In another post, he said its “important to give back when you’ve got it.”

2 Chainz born Tauheed Epps graduated second in his class at  North Clayton High School.  2 Chainz was also a standout basketball player and later attended Alabama State University on an athletic scholarship.

Music Career
He has won and been nominated and won several awards including, over 13 BET Hip Hop Awards, bringing home 4 trophies, earned the Source Magazine’s “Man of the Year”, and was nominated for three Grammy Awards, including Best Rap Album.
Acting Career
The rapper made a guest appearance on NBC‘s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit it aired on May 8, 2013. He also appeared as himself in the second season (episode 16) of CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls, where he travels on the same private plane as the two main characters.

2 Chainz is the CEO of  independent record label  “The Real University” (also known as “T.R.U.”; or “The Real U”), formed in 2015. He also heads up the T.R.U. Foundation, a charitable organization.



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A Trendsetter In The Making

Apr 21, 2015

By Kevin Wilson

Kevin Krigger participated in the 139th running in the Kentucky Derby   this year , but 19 year old Oliver Lewis, was the first black to win the Kentucky Derby on May 17, 1875, riding   3-  year  – old Aristide in record time.  Thirteen of the 15 riders were also African American  .

The phenomenon of black jockeys riding competitively goes back a long way.

African Americans were the first sports superstars in the U.S., winning 15 of the first 28 runnings at the Kentucky Derby.

In the new millennium, 16-year-old Miguelito Wilson, native of Atlanta, Georgia, is making   his mark, pursuing a spot on the Olympic equestrian team for the 2024 Olympics.

At age 5,  Miguelito rode a horse bareback, and fell off; but he was not intimidated.  Two years later, he discovered a pair of riding boots belonging to his father, who rode horses in the   ‘ 80s.  His father worked as a rider and trainer for Joe Walker, now deceased.  He also exercised race horses at Bowie Race Track, taught at various riding schools and summer camps.  Not long after  that incident, his father took his son to a horse show in Georgia. Miguelito’s love for horses is hard to articulate. Horses have been a huge part of his life, and for him wanting to get back on after falling was just a premonition of his future.

Competing for nearly nine years now,   Miguelito  recalls his first contest at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, just outside of Atlanta where the 1996 Olympics were held.  Technically, he did not participate due to illness .  Miguelito unfortunately suffered from a headache, vomited, and had to deal with a pony with a lot of energy.  “My father had to gallop the pony around to get the energy out,” he recalls.

The first victory came subsequently  at Wills Park in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Galloping as a cross country champion for Sutton Middle School, and earning second place in the 800 meters, in 2013,  this Equestrian rider, has competed in  Parker, Colorado,  Lexington, Kentucky, Tyler, Texas, Raleigh, North Carolina, Aikens, South Carolina, and Germantown, Tennessee.

Due to his love of the sport, Miguelito is a online high school student at Georgia Connections Academy  and an honor student  .

He’s self independent and self motivated. “ We are awfully proud of our son,”  says Miguel, Sr.  Miguelito has studied Chinese for the past two years and is an English and writing enthusiast.   “Providing information and passionate about storytelling, I enjoy,”  he   says.  He’s a writer for the Monitor Newspaper.

Amanda Redman, a tenth-grade English teacher at Georgia Connections Academy, enjoys Miguelito’s zeal as a student.
” Miguelito is a model student in my Honors English 10 course this year,” Redman says. “I’m impressed by his ability to juggle rigorous honors level course work with the demands of being a competitive horseback rider.  Few teens could be so successful in both areas.”

Training in North Wake,Texas, 30 minutes from Dallas, Miguelito wakes up at 7:30 am,  gets on the computer, checks his lessons on the calendar, completes two lessons in the morning, eats breakfast,  then looks at the board to see how many horses he’ll have to ride.

On any given day, he can ride between 4-10 horses, excluding a meal or break.  When able, he’ll hang out with comrades, go to movies, play checkers, chess, and draw.   While in that riding zone, he says, he jumps the horses over a course or two.   His day ends  about  4 pm.   when he returns the horses to the barn. He then takes a break to  watch television, or do more school work.   “I’m a working student,” he tells Good News Notebook Magazine.

To excel in this sport  managing a 1,000-pound animal,  one must  be fit, according to Miguelito; who avoids fast food, eats a lot of fruit and tries to make good decisions about his health.  He goes grocery shopping, but he admits, avoiding junk food can be challenging. Cereal or toast, various vegetables and a meat, baked or fried  is part of his dietary plan for success.

When preparing for competition, he stays in a camper, and rides everyday.  He’ll get the grooms  breakfast, observe the strides of the course on the show ground, exercise the horses, get the horse groomers, and eat breakfast.  “There are 18-30 horses at a show,” he pointed out.  His father, a professional, international clothing designer, manufactures Miguelito’s riding gear, which consist  of a black riding jacket,  blue horse bits, a white dress-shirt and tie, a black belt, a tall pair of black riding boots, and a gray helmet.

As an Equestrian, Miguelito does not race.  He competes in a class.  He can do jumpers, keeping the jumps up and display how fast the horses gallop around the course.  As a successful Hunter, who jumps well and makes sure the horses are groomed, Miguelito, is primarily focused on jumpers, in order to go to the Olympics. He doesn’t have a preference, he’ll ride what he’s instructed to ride.  He’s too young for the 2016 Olympics, and too inexperienced.

In defeat, Miguelito, intends to over analyze a lot, as he strives to be a perfectionist. He studies closely where he went wrong, hoping not to repeat the same error.

“Miguelito has a natural feel for horses, they respond to him in a very positive way and want to do well for him,” says  Coach Matt Cyphert, a pro rider, who has trained and mentored Miguelito for a year. “His tenacity and strong work ethic will get him far in the sport and in life.  I see great things for him.”

A Hunter- Jumper Show involves jumping classes being strictly judged on how well riders can communicate with their horses. This past summer, Miguelito competed in Colorado against Taylor Jay, a native of British Columbia, who has been riding since age 4.  “He’s very competitive, and with the right opportunity, he can go all the way, as a rider or trainer,” Taylor, 16, says of Miguelito. In March, Miguelito won the low children’s jumper championship in Gulfport, Mississippi, and on April 5, he won the children’s hunter championship in  Katy, Texas at the Spring Gathering Horse Show.

An Olympic size jump is as tall as Miguelito, who stands 5’4, and weighs 118 pounds.  “It takes effort, money and time to jump Olympian size courses, that level is so rigorous for the rider, at least 12-14 fences,” he says.

Paving the way for others, being a role model for future generations in whatever he does, is his only focus. “Riding horses is the sport of my life, it’s a natural, and for people who look like me at a level like this in unchartered territory, would inspire them,” says the potential trendsetter, who could become the first black male Equestrian rider.

Back in Atlanta, Izzy Lo Russo, a friend since the third grade, is cheering Miguelito on.  “We encourage one another.  He has experienced so many things, still unglamorous and uncomfortable, but he has found what he really loved and wanted to do with his life and went for it.  Not many people have the guts to do that,”  says Izzy, a student at North Atlanta High School.

When you utter the names, Seabiscuit, Secretariat, the Belmont, the Triple Crown and the Kentucky Derby, he’s familiar.  Close to signing an acting contract, Miguelito attended drama camp, and he’d love to see more movies and documentaries about horses.  With a bunch of colleges in mind, he wants to major in Business or Marketing, but overall, to be an Olympian, horse trainer and writer is his desire.  For now, the director of the ride to the Olympics foundation is writing his own script one class at a time.


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The Desire and Determination Within

Mar 30, 2015

By Kevin Wilson
Derek Ogbeide JumpTraveling to countries, near and far, while maintaining his honor roll status, is nothing new for Derek Ogbeide. The native Lagos, Nigerian played soccer most of his life. Surprisingly, the son of Martin and Justina Ogbeide discovered a new desire.

On his 11th birthday, Derek received two leather basketballs from his father. The special gifts motivated him to put air in the balls and toss them against the wall, pretending that the wall were baskets. A year later, he moved in with his uncle, Victor Richard, nearby the prestigious Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, Maryland.

At 6’2, 13 years old, wearing size 13 shoe, he attended Kenmoor Middle School in the eighth grade. He admits that he made the team due to his height. Derek blocked shots without jumping, ran the floor graciously, while proudly wearing Number 55 on his first organized hoop team. Reporting to early AM practices on time, running suicides and being chastised was all a part of the process. Not once, did Derek complain. “I remember those days,” he said. In spite of losing a lot of games, he had a thirst to score, block shots and rebound.

Next stop, Toronto, Canada. Representing Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic High School, the 6’5 center gradually improved, while earning A.A.U. recognition, and being highlighted on Hoops Hype Canada. Following his 10th grade year, his parents made a decision to have Derek go to Mableton, Georgia, and reside with his father. “I will always support Derek and his dream,” says Martin Ogbeide, who hold three college degrees.

Discovering a reputable A.A.U. team did not take long. Derek signed with the Southern Stampedes who’s sponsored by Nike EYBL. He honed his skills under Coach Patrick Harper, and played exceptionally well in the Peach Jam Classic. “Derek has an awesome personality on and off the court, he’s fun to be around, a good teammate, very strong work ethic and very motivated to be a great player,” says Harper, a skill development trainer.

Highly recruited by Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, Vanderbilt, Memphis, Tulane, Arizona, Houston and Georgia, the visit at the University of Houston he’ll treasure a lifetime. Derek met Rockets center Dwight Howard, another Nigerian and NBA Hall of Famer, Hakeem Alajuwon towards the end of his visit. That’s why he wears Number 34. It was a surreal moment, meeting and taking photos with Hakeem, Ogbeide gleefully stated.

When Derek arrived at Pebblebrook High School, a 6A school outside of Atlanta, in 2013, he was the tallest student in the school taking advance courses. “My side of the family are trees, everyone is over 6’4,” says the father, who’s 6’5. Derek’s height, desire and determination rapidly changed the complexion of the Falcons program. His dominating presence in the paint helped the Falcons to a 24-6 record, losing in the finale by six points at the Georgia Dome. “He’s a gym rat, a great ambassador for basketball and our school, he protects the rim and runs the floor better than any big man in America,” uttered Washington, a four year coach at Pebblebrook.

Senior year- competing against DeMatha, a nationally known team from Hyattsville, Maryland, Ogbeide did his job, tallying 14 points, 17 rebounds and 7 blocks, losing 61-54. In a great game, we spent a lot of our prep time addressing how we were to play against Derek. “He’s one of the most dominated post players that we have played against in a few years. He should have a very good career at Georgia,” said Stags coach Mike Jones.

Losing to Wheeler High, 59-58 in the 6A championship finale in Macon, Georgia on March 7 was a heart breaker. His last game in a Falcon uniform, the Georgia signer tallied 14 points, 22 rebounds and 7 blocks. “Without Derek all of our success would’ve not been possible,” says Preston Fulton, a senior guard. Ranked as one of the top ballers in Georgia, he looks forward to graduating in May, and starting his collegiate career in June. “I can’t wait to get better and reach higher heights at UGA”, says the 3.7 GPA student- who intends to major in Business Administration. “By the Grace of God, he has come a long way,” says his mother. The desire and determination continues.

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Google Fiber Expansion Does A World of Good

Jan 28, 2015 0

For all of our technology enthusiasts, we, at The Good News Notebook, have some exciting news. Google is rolling out its hyper-fast Internet services in the four southeastern cities. Construction in Atlanta and the three other cities named Tuesday will begin in a few months, according to Google.

Can we say, “Yahoo!” Well, that’s a poor choice of words, but considering that Google Fiber is more than 100 times faster that cable and DSL providers like AT&T, Charter, xFinity, and other, you see why our digital staff is elated.

So, why is faster internet speed good? First of all, according to Google Fiber’s website, “A better network enhances opportunities to connect with the things we love.” In addition, you get 100 times more speed at only $70 per month; a rate that is clearly affordable for low income families and businesses on the go. Clearly, Google Fiber is Good News as the firm seeks to expand to over 34 cities in 9 metro areas across the U.S.

For students and schools, this addition of Google Fiber to the newly formed, “one-to-one technology” initiative is a game changer. Now, high definition video broadcasts and even, internet based standardized testing methods can be readily implemented with the concerns for bandwidth or speed.


However, we, at the GoodNewsNotebook.com, love the story of Nick LeGrand. Watch this touching video of how GoogleFiber allowed little Nick achieve a BIG DREAM.

Just like any other 13-year-old baseball fan, Nick had dreams of one day making it to the majors. Being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder put that dream on hold—until, that is, Nick’s family, the baseball community and Google Fiber teamed up and used the power of web to make his dream a reality. With the help of the web, Nick was able to throw out the first pitch at A’s/Yankee’s game at the Oakland Coliseum in California from the Google Fiber Space in Kansas City—more than 1800 miles away.

After months of a worldwide search, Nick found a bone marrow donor. But there are thousands of people like Nick who still need a match. For more information on how to be a match, visit: www.bethematch.org

The announcement marks the latest salvo in a growing battle between Google and more traditional Internet providers for the next generation of Web users. It also comes on the heels of President Obama’s call to promote broadband in cities that are unserved or underserved by large commercial providers. Google Fiber already sells Internet service with download speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second — roughly 100 times faster than the national average — for $70 a month in other cities, such as Provo, Utah.

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The Million Dollar Realtor

Nov 9, 2014 0

About Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett is a multi- million dollar real estate club holder, which means that she’s sold about $4 million dollars of real estate and has been recognized in the premium class of real estate agents by the Atlanta Board of Realtors. While she already holds a real estate license in Georgia, she’s studying for her license to sell in California. She said she has a network and family in California. Furthermore, she works with a well-known real estate company that has a presence in 54 different countries and which specializes in luxury homes. She wants to be sure she can serve clients very well, no matter where they want their property. She is looking for connections globally and has found that many of the people she meets in the higher echelons have property in different states. She commented,“I think that you have to be more versatile in business. You can’t limit yourself.”

Her Empowerment Workshops

Bennett said she meditates to concentrate and awaken her spiritual awareness, and that as a result she has developed a keen sense of discernment. She used to have a nail salon, which she expanded to offer meditation classes. The workshop facilitator said women gravitated to her, and she counseled and gave them awareness. She said she has seen women give their power away or shrink themselves so they don’t intimidate men. She believes in giving them tools to strengthen themselves and boost their self-esteem, set goals and be accountable to meet them. She explained that Dr. Barbara King asked her to facilitate a women’s summit, and then to put together church programs. “It led into me doing empowerment groups.” She said her topics included relationships, dating, handling one’s professional life and setting goals of various types.

She commented that the most popular are her relationship workshops for women.”I think, for the most part, that’s where women struggle the most and then it trickles over into their professional lives and they lose themselves in their relationships; which stifles their growth elsewhere.” She said she teaches women how to set boundaries in relationships with men, how not to just go along to get along. She touches upon how to be respectful to other women, as well.

Her observation has given her some insight. “In society men have a brotherhood, we’re supposed to have a sisterhood.” She said most women tear each other down because of self-esteem issues. “We are to uplift each other – everyone’s goals are attainable.

She mentioned that many women come to the workshops looking for answers, hungry for empowerment. She reported that participants share that having someone come in and give them perspective and help them navigate life uplifts their viewpoint and reference point. As she explains it, some women are ready to receive new knowledge and embrace it upon delivery, and then some grasp the teachings later. She said she strives to communicate hard truths with grace and love, rather than with an attacking stance. “But you’ve also gotta be truthful.”

One teaching point she shares is how a positive focus is a game-changer. “When you change your own energy, all energy around you will shift.”

Bennett added one hidden gem in giving herself away during the empowerment workshops.“I also found that empowering people empowers yourself.”

Giving Back To Her Community

She is also a 5-year board member at St. Jude’s Recovery Center (which mainly focuses on assisting alcohol/drug users). She said she has always been aware of community problems, and her mom made certain her children had open eyes to such issues. She had a beautiful cousin who was taken out by drugs, and the problem hit home. Regarding giving her time to this cause, she explained, “It just felt right.” This is one cause that she was passionate about, partly because she found that they work on several fronts to save families. The organization has been around for 40+ years and have a great track record and success rate, with aftercare services that help people integrate back into society.

Trip That Changed Everything

Bennett also has traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in order to learn their real estate selling techniques. She commented, “That was an awesome trip.” She said her goal was to explore the real estate market in Dubai and connect with some local real estate people, developers, etc. “I always wanted to go to Dubai to do business.” She described it as a place where people are known to think on the cutting edge.“Their mindset is very elevated. They see that certain lifestyles are possible for them.“

She described the people in Dubai as forward thinking risk-takers. She said the cultural norm is to discover what someone does over time, in the course of the conversation. “You don’t start off asking them what they do.”

Her trip was fruitful by all accounts. While there she met a local sheik who had a real estate/construction business and a demographics research information company that provides people with demographic real estate information and Visas. She saw some of his real estate listings and his developments during the trip.

“You can’t be in that country and not have a job.” She said people have two weeks after a job loss to find a job, or they have to leave that country. While they have laws that are rather strictly enforced, she said she didn’t have an awkward experience there. She also commented that she found men there very respectful. Recounting her own personal experience, she stated, “I felt no danger.”

She mentioned that she has met people from all over the world.

COMING SOON: Author Lisa Bennett

Bennett is working on her first book, which is dedicated to educating buyers who are purchasing real estate. She said it will detail what to look for and what to look out for in the marketplace. She said the yet untitled book will share buying/selling property experiences, and touch upon market transition. It will be a step-by-step guide outlining how to understand when buying or purchasing or selling.
Bennet predicted that it will be finished in early January or February of 2015.

“I am a workaholic. It’s kind of hard to turn work off.” She said she unwinds by traveling to spas to enjoy the luxury side of life, playing and hanging out with her two Yorkies and getting together with girlfriends. She described herself as a foodie who likes to stake out new restaurants. She said she finds that prayer and meditation takes a lot of her time each day.

Tips For Real Estate Newbies

1st – for someone wanting to get into real estate, you have to take the class, which prepares you to take the test. She said this will familiarize the student with the laws, how to govern oneself in real estate and what one can and can not do in the industry.

She cautioned that knowing how to sell a home is a whole different ball game from the coursework.

2nd – do due diligence. Find out movers and shakers in the industry and interview them.

3rd – get a mentor and shadow someone.

“You have to find out how to do this in the real world. You really want to learn your market, and about marketing. You want to stay abreast of everything you need to know about the industry. The more you know, the more successful you can become.”

“With real estate, you have to understand architectural design.” She said it’s important to familiarize oneself with architecture, fixtures, textures (such as for counter tops).

“You really need to know your craft. People can tell if you are knowledgeable about what you are talking about.”

“With real estate, you want to get with someone that you trust.” She said it needs to be someone who cares and to whom you are not just a commission.

Connecting with Lisa

She works under the umbrella of Atlanta Fine Homes Sothebys, an international realty company.

Direct line: 404- 941- 1550
Email: lisabennett@atlantafinehomes.com

Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International REALTY
3290 Northside Parkway NW Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30327

404-941-1550 Office
404-941-1551 eFax

Multi-Mililon Dollar Sales Club Member, Atlanta Board of REALTORS

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