June 21, 2018
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5 Things to Consider Before Signing an Independent Contractor Agreement

Nov 24, 2014 0

By Connie Alsobrook

There are some advantages working as an independent contractor, because it allows you the freedom to work on your own terms. However there are greater advantages for employers to classify you as a independent contractor. Only you can decide what the best decision is for you from your taxes to freedom.


1. Control. If you are told the time, place and how you work. If you are given a certain time to be at work and penalized for not adhering to it. Independent Contractors work when, where, and how they choose.

2. Financial Control. Employees are normally paid by the hour, day, or week. Contractors are usually paid by the job and invoices are submitted. A contractor has the room to make a profit or take a loss than an employee. If you employee is making a bigger profit than you are, then there is a great chance you are an employee.

3. Training. If the company pays for training or none paid training on how to do your job that is a clue you are an employee. Employees can give an independent contractor small instructions as to how the end job should be. Contractors are usually already having degrees, and the training to do the job ore they would not have been sought out.

4. Evaluations. If you are evaluated in any way about the process, methods, and details of how your job is being done, it’s a chance you are an employee. Contractors usually contact the company if they have concerns, question, or issues on how the process of the job if going.

5. Opportunity to work elsewhere. Contractors are free to take work from other companies and advertise as such. If you are banned from working for other companies or industries, it may be best to be a consultant and work as a contractor.

Just because you sign an Independent Contractor Agreement does not exclude the employer from being penalized by The Department of Labor and The Internal Revenue Service. If think you have been misclassified as independent contractor and want to take action contact The Department of Labor (DOL). DOL has an outline of determining if you were misclassified.

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Hours Keeper is a well designed hours worked calculator that you can use to easily track your hours worked and calculate your earnings.Hours Keeper allows to record your daily working hours for each client, including your overtime and break time. After earnings been calculated, your can generate PDF timesheet invoices to sent to your clients and track all the billings and the payments.“Easy to use and simple. It’s very useful and is definitely worth every penny. Great customer service from developers!”“Very well executed app, nice clean interface with tones of useful features.”“A great app for those of us that do business on the go. It is packed full of great features that really help out. Great job.”Our Hours Keeper is one of the best tools to track down all the hours you have worked. Once you use the app you will want nothing else to make your hours and earnings tracking easier. It is the best hours tracker app for android users.

– Well designed, easy to use, intuitive interface.
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ALBUM RELEASE: Tawana Lael | A Brand New Day

Sep 23, 2014 0

Sultry. Soulful. SOUL FULL. Just a few words that articulate this amazing Album Release by Tawana Lael. From the very start, a single rhythmic piano key abets the pulsing gnn-artist-tawana-lael-brand-new-daybass line in the album’s 1st track, “Taking Back My Power.” Clearly a veteran in the Indie Music industy, Tawana Lael remains true to her roots as she reveals a vulnerable piece of her heart in the beautiful paced ballad, “We Loose.”  Any listener who has faced love & its subsequent heartbreak will surely agree, “I don’t wanna go, but it’s killing me to stay… We Loose!” This glorious track fits right in place with her soulful musical list from “What It Be Like” to “A Brand New Lover.”

GNN | GoodEntertainment

Suddenly, you find yourself humming along in step with the fun lyrics in the track entitled, “Crazy Love.”
As for the album, we, at GoodNewsNotebook Magazine, give Tawana Lael and her new Release, “A Brand New” the GoodEntertainment honors of the week. Buy it on ITunes or GooglePlay today.


Tawana Lael is considered a triple threat in the entertainment industry, and she is quickly claiming her place on the world’s entertainment radar. Her song, “Plan B” from her debut album ‘Journey To Love” was recognized as one of the top songs in Billboard’s 17th Annual World Song Contest. Tawana Lael’s first single “Journey To Love” released in 2010 debuted at No. 7 on Mediaguide/Radiowave Urban Satellite Radio; making Tawana the first Independent female artist to do so at that time. To date “Journey To Love” has received well over 4000 spins on Internet, Satellite, and Terrestrial radio stations. Tawana was also nominated “Best Female R&B Artist” and “Best R&B Song” in the 1st Annual Lipstick Radio Indie Awards. Her song, “In This Love” was nominated “Best R&B /Soul Song” in the 13th Annual Independent Music Awards. Tawana Lael’s sophomore album, “A BRAND NEW DAY” is available now on both ITunes or GooglePlay.

Tawana has performed at various venues around New York City such as Sweet Waters, The Waldoff Astoria and Reins. She has also appeared at the world famous Apollo Theatre, where she won first place five consecutive times. Tawana Lael currently resides in Atlanta GA, where audiences have enjoyed listening to her perform live at The Underground Atlanta during The Heritage Arts Festival, Sambuca’s Jazz Cafe, The Apache Cafe, and Centennial Park, just to name a few.

Tawana’s training has been with some of the best in the business. They include but are not limited to Ankh Ra, Making the Band 4 (Vocals); Alvin Ailey Dance School (Ballet, Tap, and Jazz), Melvada Hughes (Choreographer); George Faison (Choreographer); and Hilda Willis (Acting/Career Coach). Tawana Lael has genuine talent and is destined for a long successful career.

SOURCE: www.TawanaLael.com | http://www.tawanalael.com/main.html





Buy it on ITunes or GooglePlay today.

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