March 20, 2019
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One More One Less

Jan 2, 2015 0

The One More One Less (O.M.O.L.) mentoring program was started and founded by Ron Beazer.  This non-profit mentoring program, in Baltimore City, serves those in the surrounding areas.  The mission of the O.M.O.L program is to provide mentors who can train young boys on both individual and group levels to achieve positive growth in the young men.  After working in the public schools of Baltimore City for 18 years, Ron Beazer noted that there were few positive role models for young men.  This lack of positive influence led to many young men turning to drugs, bullying, and gang violence.  Overall, the negative impact on the boy’s academic performance in school resulted in an increase level of  high school drop outs.  These factors gave Beazer the idea of starting an organization that will change the lives of these young men, O.M.O.L.

O.M.O.L. is currently training young men aged between 8 and 18 years. There are many youths who are undergoing a lot of challenges in this community, and are in desperate need of guidance from mentors.  The mentoring group attends sessions twice a month on Saturdays to discuss issues including bullying, respect for others, how to solve conflicts, and self respect are addressed.  The young men tackle lessons on being healthy, maintaining a positive self image, obtaining a good education, and setting up achievable short term and long term goals.  The mentoring group has the opportunity to interact and learn from guest speakers who are always invited to the sessions.

Guest speaker share their real life stories, give advice, encourage vision, and create goals.  In addition, the young men are given a chance to attend civic and community activities which educates them on the richness of their heritage and learn about their community’s history.  All this exposure ensures the young men develop a sense of self-pride and respect and assist with making good decisions when it comes to life experiences. Community involvement keeps them aware of the importance of giving back hence; learn how to manage their lives in a positive way.

O.M.O.L. reaches out to other people who are not registered in the program through a radio broadcast called “The One More One Less Radio Show”. The show airs on Radio One Network every Sunday evening at 6pm and aims at educating those who are not in the program. The radio network reaches over 20,000 listeners each week and also streams live on the internet at The O.M.O.L. Radio Show addresses the challenges that young men face each day, and give information to empower listeners. The show has individual sponsors and generous mentors who cover the costs incurred by the One More One Less Mentoring program which includes uniforms, trips, transport costs, supplies, sports equipment and many other costs incurred as a result of this good cause. O.M.O.L. also gets support from generous community partners.

O.M.O.L. does not benefit from running the One More One Less Mentoring program since it is a volunteering program. It only aims at changing the mindset and thinking of young men. Everything received goes back to the program to continue to help change the lives of young men for the better.

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EVENT: In Her Name – October 12, 2014

Oct 2, 2014 1

By Connie Alsobrook

October is here and many people, celebrities, companies are “Going Pink” in honor of Breast Cancer Month.  The Good News Notebook found a gentleman by the name of Dwight Pope from Tennessee Valley that was doing something totally different.  He create an event hosted by a group of men to honor women that were affect by Breast Cancer, named, “Men in Honor of Women in the Fight against Breast Cancer.”

gnn in her honor photo shootPope was his mother’s caretaker for 3 years when she was battling the disease. “It drains you emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially on every level,” stated Pope. During the fight

Pope said he learned a lot when caring for his mother such as, using the energy should be focused on people suffering from cancer, not the cancer itself.  “It offers us the opportunity as human beings to show compassion for each other, to listen to each other, and be willing to care and uplift each other.” said Pope

The Genesis of the event was given to Dwight Pope, It’s an event that will totally be produced by men, décor, food, hosting, entertainment, affirmations. Men will buy all tickets as a gift for women that they want to affirm. The event will focus less on Breast Cancer as a whole and more on Honoring and affirming our women.
Throughout history our women have shouldered the burden as backbone of our communities, they often carry so much pain to keep their loved ones from worry. Men for the most part have been silent in their struggle; we support them in non-verbal ways, but they need to hear from us, they need us to open up about how we feel about them.
This event will serve as a formal acknowledgement to all of them, our Mothers , Grandmothers, Aunts, Sisters and friends that we are here, we see their sacrifice and we Love them.

“IN HER NAME” is an Affirmation Event produced strictly by Men in Honor of Women in the Fight against Breast Cancer. It will take place Sunday October 12th 4-6p.m at Bob Harrison Senior Center in Huntsville, Alabama.


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