Adoption of the Magnificent 7

Siblings in Georgia

One Georgia family has adopted seven siblings together after 1,359 days of being in foster care. It began 2 years ago when Josh, and her wife, Jessaka Clark wanted to adopt children. In April 2016, the couple learned about their super seven and initiated plans of providing them shelter as stated in Channel 2’s Kimberly Richardson. Jessaka mentioned how the kids had been waiting for everything to get settled in court.

“They moved in with us on Aug. 5th and have been waiting every day for our court date to finalize,” said Jessaka Clark.

The long-awaited day finally arrived on May 9th and the couple were on their way to finalize the adoption in the courthouse. Josh Clark showed the excitement felt by the whole family by posting an adorable video on his Facebook page. Before the adoption, Josh Clark’s statement showed how happy the family was having been brought together by the couples.

“We are all super excited,” He said. “They have been up since 6 screaming and running around the house.”

It began with a family of three and now they were a family of 10 including Maria, Elizabet, Jason, Kristina, Guillermo, Noah, James and Katerin. The couples, Jessaka and Josh made the family complete and held the thought that they would never change despite the difficulties they are likely to face in future.

“We love our family, and as difficult as it can be, we wouldn’t change it,” said Jessaka Clark.

Noah, the Clark’s biological son held up a sign which read, “I was an only child for 1,426 days. But today, May 9, 2017, I became a little brother.” This was after finalization of the adoption at the courthouse. Jessaka Clark told Richardson of how her heart has had a huge place for adoption, the fact that she had grown with her foster parents most of her life.

Her parents adopted two brothers after 5 years. Ever since that transpired, they took a new role in providing assistance to children who are having difficult times and have aged out of the system. The Clarks hoped that their story would bring a little light on the crisis that was trending in the country of children who were fatherless.

May is a month of National Care and anyone who wishes to assist in raising money for the Clark family can feel free to make their contributions. As the couples continue with their adoption journey, they would love to get a home that has more bedrooms. They are currently living in a three bedroom home with the adopted children.