Kodak Black Gives Away Air Conditioners

Kodak Black came up with a cool summer in the houses of Golden Acres where he was raised!
Rap sensation Kodak Black spent the 4th weekend in Pompano Beach, Florida, returning to his
childhood hometown. In the housing complexes of Golden Acres, where he was reared by one
mother, Black was raised.
Kodak Black, Bill Kahan Kapri’s real name, bought an air conditioning load for nearby residential
residents. Kodak was also there to help the ecstatic villagers distribute the air conditioning units.
“Without the press Kodak Black usually does what he does every week. Helping his people and
his community. Is he still worthy? “Bradford Cohen’s lawyer tweeted. #kodakgivesback.”
Since record high temperatures in the area were recorded in May and June, air conditioners
could not have gone better.
Black may perhaps have found Golden Acres as the next great performer. He quietly
listened when he was there, while he was freestyled by a young girl.
The charitable activity of Kodak was wonderful for anyone in his old area. Thanks to Kodak, the
local people will have a cool summer, with the rap artist help.

Here are some other awe- inspiring things Kodak Black has done. (

Kodak Black

On October 1, Kodak Black donated $10,000 to the Jack and Jill Children’s center, which is a provider of early children’s education. In November 2018, Kodak Black announced that he was building a school in Haiti.

On December 20, 2018, Black donated enough money to Paradise Childcare in Broward County, Florida, to provide gifts for 150 children in the area. In addition, he also donated $5,000 for the organization’s annual Christmas party.

In late 2018, he donated $2,500 to South Carolina police officer Terrence Carraway, who was killed in a shootout on duty. On May 3, 2019, Kodak Black donated $12,500 to a girl named Paige Cook, the girl’s goal was to give pencils and notebooks to give to all 7,600 students in the Cleburne Independent School District in Texas, a low-income district. In 2018, Paige raised enough money to buy over 40,000 pencils.

In the wake of the 2019 Colorado STEM shooting, Kodak Black’s lawyer reached out the family of Kendrick Ray Castillo, who was shot and killed after lunging at the attacker, on May 11, and offered to pay for Castillo’s funeral, and set aside an annual $10,000 scholarship for any student wishing to go to college for science or engineering. His lawyer stated that the family had not yet responded.

Kodak also allegedly donated $50,000 to Gekyume, the son of late rapper and collaborator XXXTentacion. Kodak and XXXTentacion were friends up until his murder in 2018.[69]