Have Fun Traveling Alone

By Connie Alsobrook



Looking back on all the trips you have taken, how many trips have you taken alone? When I say alone I mean without family or friends on purpose. You may say “I cannot go by myself, it will be boring”.  Do you understand you are calling yourself boring? If you cannot have fun with yourself, how do you expect others to enjoy you?
Taking a trip with yourself allows you to meet other people and find out what you and only you enjoy.  Explore and find out things about yourself that you never knew existed; this can be good or not so good. However, the great thing is you get to discover you and have fun doing so.

Here are a few examples:
1. Go wherever “You” want to go.
2. Wake up when “You” choose.
3. Eat when and what “You” desire.

Go ahead, take that trip so you can find and enjoy yourself.

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