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In the excessive summer season, the days are longer, and the nights are shorter that means that the contact duration of the sun rays and the planet is more in contrast to winters. Basically, we are talking about those gnarl days in which the sun shows no mercy, when the intense heat and enormous humidity make it impossible to even sit comfortably.

So, the question that tickles us is that how we are going to persist such devastating season? Well, here are some useful ways in which you can easily get rid of this catastrophic season.

  • CLOTHING: –black clothes

When it comes to eliminate the eagerness of the summer season the most indispensable step is to scrutinize your clothing. The clothes we wear have some serious alliance with a heat we feel during the summers. Your Perspiration rate can be manipulated by your cabinet choices. Choosing natural fibers including, cotton Pima cotton, Nylon, linen and tropical wool are generally better at soaking up moisture from the skin and allowing it to evaporate from the outer surface. The color of your dress is also linked with the absorption of the amount of heat. Science has proved that black color has the capability to absorb most of the heat from the environment as it absorbs all the wavelengths of light. So wearing such clothes which reflects all the wavelengths will reflect heat as well for example wearing White color.

  • COOLING FLUIDS AND FOODS:-staying cool in the summer

                          Most of us feel low on energy in warmer climate. To keep our vitality proportion suitable and to equipoise our diet some extremely salubrious cooling foods are discussed ‘Coconut water’ consists of simple sugars, electrolytes and some minerals which helps to keep body hydrated. Another important, beneficial and delicious coolant is ‘Curd/Yogurt’ It keeps our stomach cool ,Other foods that has the properties of the coolant includes ‘Watermelons’ which are delicious and can help you keep chill, Cucumbers contains 95% of water in it and plays vital role in making body hydrated, Mint is an inexpensive simple & easily available cooling Food which can be added to yogurt, “Green Veggies” During the summers we have a lot of Green vegetables, They have high water content and can be health beneficial, Onions have amazing cooling properties, having lots of unions can protect you from sunstroke , 90% of water content is founded in melons, Lime water is refreshing sweet and also has health benefits, Ice creams can also help etc.

Cool showers can also be very supportive in surviving heat wave. Cold water baths in calefaction not only lowers down our body temperature but it has got a lot of other benefits too. For instance, Cool showers can increase alertness, refines hair and skin, improves immunity and circulation, and relieves depression and many more.


Installing efficient Lighting can also help in order to hoard our rooms invigorating.
Choosing Compact Fluorescent lamps ‘CFCs’ and Light Emitting Diodes ‘LEDs’ instead of common lights can also be accommodating as they endeavor to produce less heat. Turning off the lights that are not in use can also be very convenient as light produces heat.



About 90% of heat from the sun is entered in the room through glass windows. So, blocking out the sun during the day can have monstrous impression on any room’s temperature. Look for curtains or drapery panels with heavy linings. This is a perfect solution for bedrooms and rooms that are often unoccupied during the day. Installing a Polymer Thermal Window film can also be very advantageous.


The effect of air movement on the body provides a perceived reduction in temperature. That is why the ceiling fan you use is important. Eminent or top-quality fan with right mechanics to push as much air as possible is preferable.staying cool in the summer

Air conditioners are technologically the most advanced way to keep any compartment cool, but it requires a lot of energy.

Change the filters regularly and check hoses for leaks to make sure that cool is air is delivered properly. For severe cases consider calling a professional.


If you think fans are just for blowing hot air, around think again! Point box fans out the windows so they push hot air out, adjust ceiling fan settings so the blades run counterclockwise pulling hot air up and out instead of just twirling it around the room. Similarly Natural resources help a lot

Those of you who burn very easily, all you going to need is some Aloe Vera Gel put it in to the freezer and then take it out and go ahead and put it on your burns. It is amazing.

Applying mashed avocado on to your skin for 15 minutes will refresh your skin and many more.

Consequently, we have a lot of ways of staying cooler in summers. The vital clue is to ‘be creative; there are millions of other summer season life hacks. Unpacking your talent is the main precondition; we are sure that you can imagine circumstances when you need to keep cool in summers. We presume that you will be very happy to be able to erect your tent.

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