Spirituality In Sports

As humans, we can experience a multitude of emotions that we can contribute to many things and activities that we allow ourselves to become completely absorbed in. These activities require us to challenge ourselves to make powerful mental efforts that can stimulate our creativeness such as learning a new language, learn to play a musical instrument, painting or anything that can leave us with a feeling of peace and rediscovery of ourselves. These feelings make us feel more alive and renew our sensation of spirituality and enables us to step outside of our normal state which is where our worries, desires and any other kind of distractions run through our minds. We feel more alive and energized and connected to a greater cause. It gives us that feeling of truly living.

Despite the common activities that people describe to make them feel more alive and connected to something greater than themselves, such as hiking, art, expanding the mind, creative activities and of course music. There is also one more activity that many have said they feel a spiritual connection to and that is; engaging in competitive athletic activities, more commonly known as, sports. That feeling of “in the zone” is often used by athletes who accredit their exceptional performances to a power greater themselves. Being “ in the zone” is what athletes describe as ascending to a higher level of abilities when they tune out the existing world around them and focus on their immediate tasks at hand. Whether it be shooting a basket, scoring a goal or a touchdown, being the best defender on the field. Whatever it is they focus on, they only focus on that and it gives them that ability to go above and beyond.

Having that strong spiritual connection is healthy and required to increase the longevity, as well as quality of your life. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to find “your zone,” you just need to expend your horizon and find an activity that you could do for 30 minutes a day that will get your blood flowing and that you enjoy doing. Not only will you feel that connection, but will also give you clarity of mind and recharge your purpose in life enabling you to think positive uplifting thoughts and fight of negativity that surrounds us daily.

Jonathan Glaser

My driving force is my two amazing little girls. They are my world and the reason I have dedicated myself to creating a home based business that allows me to spend the necessary time, creating amazing memories and teaching them crucial lessons in life they may normally not get. My goal is to set the best example I can by showing them what is possible through hard work and dedication. I can be considered a jack of all trades, I've done it all pretty much. I've labored in a hot and miserable steel Mill, day dreamed my day away in a few production factories, worked as an inventory specialist and had my share of lame desk jobs, and have also worked in numerous restaurants, even made it to a chef. Through all this I never lost my passion for writing and attended many online seminars and classes as well as college classes, and joined a variety of writing clubs constantly improving my craft to what it is today.