TEENS: Top 3 Secrets To A Better Career.

Every student wants a good summer job. We agree. What’s better than cash in your pockets as you set off for vacation, head to the beach, or even, get ready to go back to school. Here are our top 3 helpful tips for teen who want to prepare now for a better career later:

#1 – Finish high school.
Nearly every job requires basic communication and math skills. Compared to workers at higher education levels, high school dropouts have more difficulty getting and keeping jobs. They also have lower earnings throughout their lives.

#2 – Consider continuing your education.
The more education you get, the higher your earnings are likely to be. On average, high school graduates earn more than high school dropouts. Those who receive postsecondary training earn more than high school dropouts and graduates. Moreover, workers who have bachelor’s or higher degrees usually earn more than those with less education.

#3 – Research career information.
A small investment of your time will help you make an informed career choice that could pay dividends throughout your life. There are hundreds of occupations, so choosing and planning a career is a lot more complex than it may appear. The ideal career for you might be something you’ve never heard of or thought about. The Occupational Outlook Handbook and other career publications are loaded with helpful information.

Adapted from Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Author Jon Sargent, Summer 1999.