March 20, 2019
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A Trendsetter In The Making

Apr 21, 2015

By Kevin Wilson

Kevin Krigger participated in the 139th running in the Kentucky Derby   this year , but 19 year old Oliver Lewis, was the first black to win the Kentucky Derby on May 17, 1875, riding   3-  year  – old Aristide in record time.  Thirteen of the 15 riders were also African American  .

The phenomenon of black jockeys riding competitively goes back a long way.

African Americans were the first sports superstars in the U.S., winning 15 of the first 28 runnings at the Kentucky Derby.

In the new millennium, 16-year-old Miguelito Wilson, native of Atlanta, Georgia, is making   his mark, pursuing a spot on the Olympic equestrian team for the 2024 Olympics.

At age 5,  Miguelito rode a horse bareback, and fell off; but he was not intimidated.  Two years later, he discovered a pair of riding boots belonging to his father, who rode horses in the   ‘ 80s.  His father worked as a rider and trainer for Joe Walker, now deceased.  He also exercised race horses at Bowie Race Track, taught at various riding schools and summer camps.  Not long after  that incident, his father took his son to a horse show in Georgia. Miguelito’s love for horses is hard to articulate. Horses have been a huge part of his life, and for him wanting to get back on after falling was just a premonition of his future.

Competing for nearly nine years now,   Miguelito  recalls his first contest at the Georgia International Horse Park in Conyers, just outside of Atlanta where the 1996 Olympics were held.  Technically, he did not participate due to illness .  Miguelito unfortunately suffered from a headache, vomited, and had to deal with a pony with a lot of energy.  “My father had to gallop the pony around to get the energy out,” he recalls.

The first victory came subsequently  at Wills Park in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Galloping as a cross country champion for Sutton Middle School, and earning second place in the 800 meters, in 2013,  this Equestrian rider, has competed in  Parker, Colorado,  Lexington, Kentucky, Tyler, Texas, Raleigh, North Carolina, Aikens, South Carolina, and Germantown, Tennessee.

Due to his love of the sport, Miguelito is a online high school student at Georgia Connections Academy  and an honor student  .

He’s self independent and self motivated. “ We are awfully proud of our son,”  says Miguel, Sr.  Miguelito has studied Chinese for the past two years and is an English and writing enthusiast.   “Providing information and passionate about storytelling, I enjoy,”  he   says.  He’s a writer for the Monitor Newspaper.

Amanda Redman, a tenth-grade English teacher at Georgia Connections Academy, enjoys Miguelito’s zeal as a student.
” Miguelito is a model student in my Honors English 10 course this year,” Redman says. “I’m impressed by his ability to juggle rigorous honors level course work with the demands of being a competitive horseback rider.  Few teens could be so successful in both areas.”

Training in North Wake,Texas, 30 minutes from Dallas, Miguelito wakes up at 7:30 am,  gets on the computer, checks his lessons on the calendar, completes two lessons in the morning, eats breakfast,  then looks at the board to see how many horses he’ll have to ride.

On any given day, he can ride between 4-10 horses, excluding a meal or break.  When able, he’ll hang out with comrades, go to movies, play checkers, chess, and draw.   While in that riding zone, he says, he jumps the horses over a course or two.   His day ends  about  4 pm.   when he returns the horses to the barn. He then takes a break to  watch television, or do more school work.   “I’m a working student,” he tells Good News Notebook Magazine.

To excel in this sport  managing a 1,000-pound animal,  one must  be fit, according to Miguelito; who avoids fast food, eats a lot of fruit and tries to make good decisions about his health.  He goes grocery shopping, but he admits, avoiding junk food can be challenging. Cereal or toast, various vegetables and a meat, baked or fried  is part of his dietary plan for success.

When preparing for competition, he stays in a camper, and rides everyday.  He’ll get the grooms  breakfast, observe the strides of the course on the show ground, exercise the horses, get the horse groomers, and eat breakfast.  “There are 18-30 horses at a show,” he pointed out.  His father, a professional, international clothing designer, manufactures Miguelito’s riding gear, which consist  of a black riding jacket,  blue horse bits, a white dress-shirt and tie, a black belt, a tall pair of black riding boots, and a gray helmet.

As an Equestrian, Miguelito does not race.  He competes in a class.  He can do jumpers, keeping the jumps up and display how fast the horses gallop around the course.  As a successful Hunter, who jumps well and makes sure the horses are groomed, Miguelito, is primarily focused on jumpers, in order to go to the Olympics. He doesn’t have a preference, he’ll ride what he’s instructed to ride.  He’s too young for the 2016 Olympics, and too inexperienced.

In defeat, Miguelito, intends to over analyze a lot, as he strives to be a perfectionist. He studies closely where he went wrong, hoping not to repeat the same error.

“Miguelito has a natural feel for horses, they respond to him in a very positive way and want to do well for him,” says  Coach Matt Cyphert, a pro rider, who has trained and mentored Miguelito for a year. “His tenacity and strong work ethic will get him far in the sport and in life.  I see great things for him.”

A Hunter- Jumper Show involves jumping classes being strictly judged on how well riders can communicate with their horses. This past summer, Miguelito competed in Colorado against Taylor Jay, a native of British Columbia, who has been riding since age 4.  “He’s very competitive, and with the right opportunity, he can go all the way, as a rider or trainer,” Taylor, 16, says of Miguelito. In March, Miguelito won the low children’s jumper championship in Gulfport, Mississippi, and on April 5, he won the children’s hunter championship in  Katy, Texas at the Spring Gathering Horse Show.

An Olympic size jump is as tall as Miguelito, who stands 5’4, and weighs 118 pounds.  “It takes effort, money and time to jump Olympian size courses, that level is so rigorous for the rider, at least 12-14 fences,” he says.

Paving the way for others, being a role model for future generations in whatever he does, is his only focus. “Riding horses is the sport of my life, it’s a natural, and for people who look like me at a level like this in unchartered territory, would inspire them,” says the potential trendsetter, who could become the first black male Equestrian rider.

Back in Atlanta, Izzy Lo Russo, a friend since the third grade, is cheering Miguelito on.  “We encourage one another.  He has experienced so many things, still unglamorous and uncomfortable, but he has found what he really loved and wanted to do with his life and went for it.  Not many people have the guts to do that,”  says Izzy, a student at North Atlanta High School.

When you utter the names, Seabiscuit, Secretariat, the Belmont, the Triple Crown and the Kentucky Derby, he’s familiar.  Close to signing an acting contract, Miguelito attended drama camp, and he’d love to see more movies and documentaries about horses.  With a bunch of colleges in mind, he wants to major in Business or Marketing, but overall, to be an Olympian, horse trainer and writer is his desire.  For now, the director of the ride to the Olympics foundation is writing his own script one class at a time.

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5 Benefits Of Eating Grapes

Apr 16, 2015

By Connie Alsobrook
Grapes are a good source of phytochemical (“phyto” means “plant”) that can act as antioxidants (may protect cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals) to protect against cancer and keep the heart healthy. Phytochemicals also keeps the blood flowing smoothly and from clotting.  Eat more grapes, a sweet and healthy treat. Good news for the heart, brain, and you.

1. Keeps blood flowing smoothly and not clotting
Grapes are said to be natural blood thinners.

2. Improve Brain Power
Resveratrol, an antioxidant compound found in red grape skins, has been found to improve your short-term memory.

3.  Constipation
Grapes contain fiber, which is essential in minimizing constipation.

4. Skin Cancer Protection
Induced by UV radiation,  poly-phenols have been found to protect against cancer formation are found in grape seeds.

5. Longevity
Resveratrol produced naturally by several plants when under attack by pathogens like bacteria is found in the skin or red wine and red grapes has show to prolong life.

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The Power Of Believing In Yourself…Its Contagious

Apr 13, 2015

By Jonathan Glaser
Have you ever dreamed about pursuing something that ignites your passion? Something that brings you joy as well as joy to others. It doesn’t matter what it is but you can achieve it. That’s the number one thing you must know. All it takes is you believing in yourself. You have to believe in yourself with all your heart that you can do whatever it is you want to do. Nobody is going to hand it to you, granted you may get some breaks along the way, but that is because someone believed in you after seeing how much you believed in yourself. Why would people believe in you? It’s because believing is contagious. When your belief in yourself is so strong that you will stop at nothing to achieve your goals and your drive to succeed is so fierce, sooner or later someone will see how no matter what obstacle you faced, you never quit and you continued on, no matter how many times you failed.
That’s the power of belief, it not only drives your desire to accomplish your goals, but it also fuels the belief of all those who you attracted to you by your hard work, dedication and most importantly, strong belief in yourself. They will not only believe in you and add to your strength, but they will also be inspired by you to believe that they also can pursue what they want most out of life and pursue it, just as you are. That belief that has fueled your ever burning desire to succeed, will now go on to ignite someone else passion and they will be inspired by the persons that you inspired and then they will do the same after that. Once you have an undying and unbreakable belief in yourself and what you can achieve, then you not only will inspire others but you will see others who are struggling just like you were and you will empower them by believing in them, just like those that believed in you and empowered you. It’s a never ending cycle that only makes you and each person you inspire stronger and more confident in themselves and their abilities. That is how a strong belief can be a contagious habit that can be passed on to change the lives of many. You have no idea how many lives you are touching, just by believing in yourself and not being afraid to go after what you truly want in life. Never underestimate the power of belief. Marketing/Customer Service Rep

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5 Things To Do Before You Pay A Mechanic

Apr 9, 2015

By Connie Alsobrook

1. Go to an auto parts store if your engine light is on. They will  diagnostic your car free of charge, this can give you an idea or what is going on with your vehicle.

2. Call at least 3 mechanics to get a estimate and parts needed over the phone.

3. Check to see if your car has a recall. Go to  and key in your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), it will let you know if your vehicle has a recall and how to proceed.

4. a. Go on the web and look for the part(s) that is needed, online parts are usually less expensive then going into the auto part store.  If the  auto part store has a website order from the website, shipping is almost always free.
b. Ask your mechanic if they have an account with an auto part store, this is very important. If you purchase a defective part, they will not refund labor cost if you purchase it, send the link to your mechanic and ask them to place the order. Auto part stores will  only refund labor cost for commercial account purchases.

5. Go to YouTube. There are many things you can fix yourself, and numerous of videos are available to guide you. So if you are up for the challenge, go ahead DIY!

Additional Tips
Ask questions????????????
Watch your mechanic
Mark your old part
Ask for your old part back (tell them before they begin)
Take before and after photos of  installation
Have your mechanic to ride with you after repairs are done
Get some Roadside Assistance coverage!
Invest in a good tool kit.

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Triumph During Transitions

Apr 6, 2015

shan photo Create The Life You See When You Close Your Eyes and Dream

There are intrusions and unexpected events that take us off our course from moving toward what we want in life. Professionally, we may get a new boss or job, be dealing with declining budgets, go into business for ourselves, or retire. Personally, we may be struggling in marriage, with a blended family, dealing with divorce, being an “empty nester’ or grieving the loss of a loved one.
At certain pivotal points in life, the intensity and duration of change can sometimes cause us to react with increased anxiety, anger and fear. This is only natural.
We all get derailed. Depending on the impact of the event our ability to face what happened will vary. During these times, how can we align who we are with what we’re facing?

1. Acceptance: Tony Robbins says, “Change is inevitable. Progress is optional”.
Accepting the reality of change is the key to gracefully dealing with change.                                               Change is Inevitable
Think of maneuvering through change like practicing the martial art of
Aikido. When you move with the flow of what is coming at you, rather than
retreat or fight, your resistance lessens and your ability to face it strengthens.

2. Choose a new mindset: A mindset is a defined as a way of thinking that determines one’s behavior, outlook, and mental attitude. What are some positive things that could come out of this difficult situation? One option is to view it as a wake-up call in order to cause us to ask ourselves if the course we have been on still has the same meaning for us. Consequently, does the unexpected change offer a new opportunity?

3. Annihilate your negative self-talk: Begin by challenging your thought life. Ask if what you are saying to yourself is even true. Suppose you tell yourself, “I never do anything right!” The truth is that you do lots of things right. What would your life be like if you no longer believed the lie?

4. Connect with others: The company and comfort of others who understand what you are going through can be a transforming experience. It is human nature to band together in times of crisis. Although it is natural to isolate and retreat, the best thing you can do for yourself is to reach out to another or join a group. When talking to those that have come through a challenging situation, they attribute a great deal of their success to the support of an individual or a group.
5. Focus on progress instead of perfection: Perfection does not exist; instead,
focus on your capacity for progress. Progress is a goal that can be achieved
each day. Work toward an outcome of progress, instead of a perfect one.

6. Practice Gratitude: EckhartTolle said, “It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.” In the presence of difficulty, what is the good that you can be grateful for today?


Contact Shan today to schedule a complimentary “Transition Challenge” session.

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Spirituality In Sports

Apr 4, 2015

As humans, we can experience a multitude of emotions that we can contribute to many things and activities that we allow ourselves to become completely absorbed in. These activities require us to challenge ourselves to make powerful mental efforts that can stimulate our creativeness such as learning a new language, learn to play a musical instrument, painting or anything that can leave us with a feeling of peace and rediscovery of ourselves. These feelings make us feel more alive and renew our sensation of spirituality and enables us to step outside of our normal state which is where our worries, desires and any other kind of distractions run through our minds. We feel more alive and energized and connected to a greater cause. It gives us that feeling of truly living.

Despite the common activities that people describe to make them feel more alive and connected to something greater than themselves, such as hiking, art, expanding the mind, creative activities and of course music. There is also one more activity that many have said they feel a spiritual connection to and that is; engaging in competitive athletic activities, more commonly known as, sports. That feeling of “in the zone” is often used by athletes who accredit their exceptional performances to a power greater themselves. Being “ in the zone” is what athletes describe as ascending to a higher level of abilities when they tune out the existing world around them and focus on their immediate tasks at hand. Whether it be shooting a basket, scoring a goal or a touchdown, being the best defender on the field. Whatever it is they focus on, they only focus on that and it gives them that ability to go above and beyond.

Having that strong spiritual connection is healthy and required to increase the longevity, as well as quality of your life. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to find “your zone,” you just need to expend your horizon and find an activity that you could do for 30 minutes a day that will get your blood flowing and that you enjoy doing. Not only will you feel that connection, but will also give you clarity of mind and recharge your purpose in life enabling you to think positive uplifting thoughts and fight of negativity that surrounds us daily.

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