Play Writer “Godiva” Sandra Sweet

Sandra_standing_at_TBAALWhen acting and writing is your very life, you tend to bring your best attitude, skills, performance, gifts and talents to every project. Sandra Dee Sweet is such an individual. The Dallas, Texas native received training in a diverse number of theatrical disciplines and styles. With repertory theatre experience, she has sought diligently to obtain Broadway and off-Broadway, primetime television and daytime television roles across various genres.

Her hometown gave her a nod and increased her appetite for more exposure after her debut appearance in her stage play, “Godiva’s Debut.” The Dallas Morning News did a favorable review of this production. This led to encore requests throughout the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex, where she continued to rack up rave reviews and critical acclaim.

The model, singer and writer credit her writing gifts as God-endowed. Like media mogul Tyler Perry, Sweet writes, directs and stars in all of her stage plays, either in leading or supporting roles. She sees her work with Kim Dawson’s Agency and acting coach Kathryn Hart as paying great dividends.

Other theater productions to her acting credit include, “Strictly Business,”
“My Way or No Way,” “Waiting on God,” and numerous others.

In addition, “Godiva’s Debut” is slated for a feature film production.

“Everyone has dreams and goals,” states Sweet. “I am just going for mine to the extreme.”

She pours herself into her community in various ways, including driving through the community handing out clothes, speaking to the homeless men and especially the women who need grooming.

Contact information for Sandra Sweet
PO. BOX 764954 DALLAS, TX. 75376


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